Why Does My Table Saw Burn Wood?

Table saws are the perfect tools in which one can use cut lumber. They can cut the wood down to the required size efficiently and most straightforwardly. 

However, even with their perfect features, table saws have backdrops of their own. 

Most tables saw users face a common problem during their course of work. Out of nowhere, a burn mark would appear on the wood.

Most of us do not have any idea about where this burn mark is coming from, and why is it happening. But do not worry anymore. In this article, we would talk about this mysterious burn mark and its causes.

Why Does My Table Saw Burn Wood

After you have used a table saw to cut the wood, and you see burn marks on it after you have done the work, that means there is a lot of heat between the wood piece and the table.

The heat is generated from the friction, which is created when the saw’s blade cuts through the wood.

A wide range of problems causes this friction. These kinds of issues can either stem from machine error or user error.

Even though most of the times, people do not take wood burns seriously, but they can indicate some serious problems which the table saw might have.

Why Does Your Table Saw Burn Wood?

Here are some security solutions which you can refer to in case you are witnessing wood burns.

Following these solutions would help you to cut your wood safely and accurately. So without any future ado, let’s start with our list right away.

1. Using An Unclean Blade

This is one of the most common reason for wood burns.

Go and inspect whether the blade’s surface is clean or not.

As you work, saw blades are often coated in resin and pitch as they cut through the wood. Building up of these elements not only makes the saw blade dirty, but it can also be the case of the burn marks on the wood.

You can clean the saw blade with specialized cleaning solutions, but you should be careful while handling it.

2. Using A Blunt Blade

If the blade of your table saw is not properly sharpened, then it would inevitably cause more heat buildup when you are working on the wood.

You should check for rounded, missing, or chipped blade teeth.

In case it is a high-quality blade, then you can take it to a service center and get it sharpened.

However, if it is a standard quality or inferior quality blade, then you should get it replaced. 

3. Using The Wrong Blade

You can buy all-purpose blades for tackling typical jobs. However, if you have any special work requirements, then you should go for a particular saw blade.

The shape of the individual teeth, space between them, number of teeth, and other such factors determine the amount of heat which will get generated.

Using the wrong blade for the wrong task might result in severe burn marks.

4. Table Saw Out of Alignment

Wood burns are also caused when your table saw does not have alignment.

Even if any part of the device is out of alignment, it would also make it difficult for you to work.

Alignment issues can occur with the blade, miter slot, splitter, and the fence. These alignment issues can also result in severe safety hazards.

5. Less Powerful Table Saw

In the market, you would come across table saws of different brands and styles. Therefore, some table saws are always going to be more powerful and effective than others.

You should buy a table saw depending on the work requirement.

For tough tasks, a sturdy table saw would help you to complete your job quickly. But if you buy a table saw which does not have enough power to withstand the workload, it would create more friction and cause severe burn marks on your project.

How Can You Remove Wood Burns?

It is not easy for someone to remove the wood burns which have been created by the table saw.

To ensure that your work is free from burn marks, you have to follow some specific steps.

For instance, if you are not painting the wood piece, then you would have up to ensure that there are no burn marks.

Even if you are not planning to paint them, there are times when you want to work burn-free.

There are two primary burn removal methods that you can use to move the burn from your workpiece.

1. Using A Sander or Sandpaper

Wood SanderWhen the burn marks are light, and it is also near the wood’s surface, the best way to remove it is by sanding it using a sander or sandpaper.

With the help of a sander you would be able to sand off or rub off the affected area.

This burn removal method is beneficial for buyers who do not want to alter the structure of their project.

The only disadvantage of following this method is that you would need to put a lot of time and effort as this is a work of manual labor.

2. Using A Scraper

Wood Scraper

In case the burn is intense, you would not be able to use sandpaper to remove it.

In such cases, you can use a scraper tool to remove the wood burn.

The scraper tool has a sharp edge, and they are curved. This feature helps in removing the wood’s top layer.

The advantage of using this method is that you would be able to remove the wood burns within seconds effortlessly.

However, there is also a disadvantage. This method might alter or affect the structure of your project in the end.

Final Thoughts

Hence, when you are using a table saw, and you worked burn marks, the first thing that you should do is inspect the common causes.

Checking the blade of the table saw is the initial stage, and you can look further for other reasons which we have stated above.

Once you can detect the problem, it would be effortless for you to fix your table saw.

In case you cannot do it yourself, you can always take it to a service center and fix it. This way, you would be able to prevent your precious projects from harsh wood burns.

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