Top 5 Best Quality Coping Saw For Those Intricate Woodworking Projects

best coping saws

When it comes to woodworking, there are quite a variety of tools that you need in your arsenal to ensure you can complete the projects that are laying on your desk.

From drills and other electrical tools to those manual tools that you rely on for getting in those final details to create a piece of art.

saw is definitely one of the more essential tools that you need, as it allows you to cut wood into the specified sizes required to create that chair, drawer, or really anything else.

The market holds a lot of different options when buying a saw. Some saws are electrical, while other requires manual labor in order to saw through wood. There are also big saws and smaller saws.

In this guide, I want us to turn our focus toward coping saws, a type of saw that features a much smaller blade than a more traditional saw, and comes in handy especially when working on a project that requires intricate woodworking.

We’ll start by taking a look at what these coping saws are and why you may need one of them in your garage. I’ll also share with you some important details that you should look at when you go out to look for one to buy.

Lastly, I’ll share the top 5 best quality coping saw with you to help you make the right choice and avoid disappointment when you start working on an intricate woodworking project.

What Is A Coping Saw And Why Do You Need One?

First up, let’s take a closer look at what exactly a coping saw is. When I first started doing woodwork, I remember being asked if I used a coping saw in my projects – and I couldn’t provide a response as I had no idea what the guy was talking about.

It’s perfectly normal for a beginner not to know all the tools that they need – you will learn as you build up more skills in regards to woodworking.

A coping saw is a manual saw. It contains a bracket that forms a U-shape, and its blade is much smaller than a traditional manual saw blade. The blade is often called a “slim blade” because it is very thin as well.

At the end of the blades, there is usually a pin that is used to keep the blade in place and to ensure it does not come loose while you are using the saw. This is a very important safety feature offered by the coping saw.

These saws are also very sturdy compared to some of the other types of saws that are available for woodworking that requires focus and fine details to be crafted into the wood that is being used in a particular project.

It is also important not to confuse a coping saw with a fret saw. They both have some particular similarities that often causes people to become confused with the two.

A fret saw, however, has jaws at the end of the blade, which is one of the primary factors that set it aside from a coping saw.

Coping Saw Buying Guide – What To Look For

Now that we have covered an essential part of the guide – knowing what a coping saw is and how it looks, as well as understanding that this type of saw is different from a fret saw, next up I want to provide a quick overview of some important factors that you should take a look at when you are looking to buy one of these tools.

A quick search on a marketplace like Amazon will give you hundreds, if not thousands, of results for coping saws. The only problem is, not all of them work equally well.

Even though many of the brands will claim their product is the best on the market, you still need to conduct research, as there is no guarantee that the product was made by woodworkers – which means it might not have you and the intricate projects that you need to complete in mind.

For this reason, I highly suggest that you do thorough research in order to determine which coping saw is really the best, and which ones you should stay away from.

There are many aspects of these saws that you should closely look at, and I’ll go into detail on every one of these particular points that you need to take into consideration when you decide to buy a coping saw to help you get your woodwork projects done.

Here is a list of some important aspects to consider while you are searching for that perfect coping saw to buy:

  • Rotation of the blade – When you use a coping saw, you are most likely working with a more intricate part of a woodworking project. You might need to cut in angles and turn the angle while you are busy using the tool. This is why blade rotation plays a crucial role in the convenience of these saws.
  • Installation of the blade – Consider how easy it is to install a new blade into the saw, but, at the same time, also consider the techniques used to keep the blade in place while you are using the saw.
  • Quality- Consider the quality of the blade, the handle, and the frame of the saw. All of these will tell you how durable the product really is.

Top 5 Best Quality Coping Saw

You now know how to search for the perfect coping saw to help you with your projects, but there are still quite a lot of options on the market that you will have to filter through in order to find the right ones.

This can be a very time-consuming task, and you probably want to get down to buying the product and trying it out as soon as possible.

Luckily, I have tried out many coping saws in the past and have built up some experience in buying the right ones. Since I have used a variety of coping saws from many different brands, I thought it would be a good idea also to share a couple of the options that I found very useful in my journey to intricate woodworking.

I use the same aspects that I shared with you in the buying part section of the article to find good quality coping saws on the market.

The ones I will list below are all part of my current arsenal, along with a couple of other ones, but I find these ones to be the best when it comes to quality, price, and effectiveness.

#1. Stanley 15-104 Fatmax Coping Saw


First up on the list is the Stanley 15-104 Fatmax Coping Saw, which really is a great option considering its price.

The saw costs just over $5, which is quite a surprisingly low cost for a saw of this quality. It’s not the biggest coping saw on the market, so be sure to buy this one only if you have smaller projects that you are working on.

It fits 6½ inch blades, with a throat depth of 4¾ inches and an overall length of 13¼ inches – this, of course, include the length of the handle. The handle is made from plastic, with a rubber coating for improved grip while you are sawing.

The tempered blade that comes with the saw is hardened to provide better precision while you are cutting, and also provides a much more durable performance overall.

#2. Smithline SL-400 Professional Grade Coping Saw


If you are after something that offers better quality, then take a look at the Smithline SL-400 Professional Grade Coping Saw.

This is a high-quality product that comes with a durable blade setting, ensuring the blade can be used for a significant amount of time before needing a replacement.

The material used provide a heavy-duty operation, while the rubberized edges on the handle ensure an enhanced grip that is more comfortable and stable.

The frame is made from high-quality steel. In addition to the blade that comes pre-fitted in the coping saw, the package also includes four extra blades. The frame features a flat-bar design for improved performance. The coping saw is available for under $20.

#3. Pro-Grade 31963 6¾-Inch Coping Saw


If you prefer a wooden handle, then the Pro-Grade 31963 6¾-Inch Coping Saw might be the perfect option for you.

This one comes in quite a variety of options that you can choose from, with the coping and jab options being the default when you need a tool for intricate jobs. The saw features a frame that is made from high-quality carbon steel material.

The product can also be turned in a 360-degree angle, which allows for better cutting at angles, especially useful when cutting certain kinds of patterns out of wood.

The blade that comes with the saw has been heat treated, which means it stays sharper for much longer. The Pro-Grade 31963 6¾-Inch Coping Saw comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

#4. Robert Larson 540-2000 Coping Saw


Another professional option on the market that features high-quality materials, along with a very comfortable grip, is the Robert Larson 540-2000 Coping Saw.

This saw features an adjustable handle that can be turned in order to cut wood at specific angles. A particularly unique feature of this blade is the tension adjustment that can be set by simply turning the saw’s handle. The handle is made from quality wood, and the saw is made in Germany, ensuring quality and effectiveness.

The Robert Larson 540-2000 Coping Saw is available for just under $20 and has received numerous positive reviews from woodworkers that have tried it before.

#5. IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400)

The last option that I want to share with you is another excellent one that I have used in the past – this is the ProTouch Coping Saw from the IRWIN Tools brand.

This coping saw features a frame with a flat-bar design, along with the brand’s DuraSteel pins, which provide a durable operation that ensures the blade stays in place while in use.

The ProTouch handle has been specially designed with comfortability in mind. The blade is very affordable, with a price of just over $10, making it one of the more affordable options on the market for those who are working on a tighter budget. It is also compatible with a large variety of coping saw blades.


Woodworking requires a variety of tools for a successful project, and among these is the coping saw. This tool comes in handy when working on projects that require special intricate molding of the wood that will be used in the particular object being built.

Unfortunately, not all of the coping saws on the market offers equal quality and value, which is why I shared with you the top 5 best quality coping saw.

The list provides you with the best ones that I have used in my projects and ensures you can buy a single tool for your intricate projects without worrying about its effectiveness or quality.

I would also recommend taking a look at some fillers because when you are woodworking you could create unwanted scratches or deep cuts and this is where a filler will come in handy for your jobs.

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