Corded vs Cordless Circular Saws- Which One Should You Buy?

corded vs cordless circular saws

I recently handled a major project where I was comparing various types of corded and cordless circular saws.

While on this research, I realized that there are conflicting views of people who believe in corded circular saws and others who believe in cordless circular saws. After a little digging in on a few of my resources, I realized that corded circular saws are preferred due to the high amount of power from the wall that they have. On the other hand, most people choose to overlook this because the cordless circular saw is portable and can be used outdoors.

Let us take a deeper look into the features of corded and cordless circular saws and find out which of the two is best for buying.

Which of the two has more power?

The corded model is without a doubt the more powerful of the two. It runs on a 120-voltage AC power source while the cordless runs on a maximum 20 volts direct current power source.

Wall plug power source vs Battery power source

The corded model borrows its name from having a cord that connects the saw to its power source on wall sockets. On the other hand, the cordless model has its name from lacking the power cord because it derives its power from a rechargeable battery attached to the saw.

The corded model taps its power from a 120-voltage power source, while the cordless circular saw is only supplied with 15-20 volts of power depending on the model. The corded model, therefore, packs in a lot more power, which translates to more output.

With a greater power source, the corded model is able to:

  1. Consistently work without any battery drains
  2. Cut through harder materials that cordless models cannot cut through.
  3. A corded model can work non-stop while the cordless model will require intermittent rest time for recharging.
  4. Due to the availability of more power, corded saws are able to use a bigger cutting blade of 7.25 inches while the cordless options can only use a small 6.5-inch blade. A bigger blade can easily handle tough work projects.

Which of the two is more portable?

On this quality, the cordless saw takes a lead. Cordless saws do not require to remain plugged in for them to work. You can go out with your cordless circular saw and work on a project without having to worry about closeness to a wall socket.

If you will be out for a long while, all you need is to have a few more batteries for replacement. The corded model must remain attached to the socket for it to work.

Weight difference between corded and cordless circular saws

Circular saws are handy tools that can be used on tight spaces, or even in difficult angles. A light circular saw is best suited as you can use it for a long while before experiencing fatigue.

On many occasions, a cord is lighter than a battery attached to your circular saw. The additional weight of the battery on cordless saws may require more effort in maintaining the balance and sturdiness of the tool. However, the corded saw has minimal weight caused by the cord and is, therefore, lighter and more stable.

Advantages of using a Corded Circular Saw

  • There are no extra tools such as batteries and chargers needed while purchasing the corded circular saws.
  • The running costs are minimal since you do not need to replace worn out batteries or chargers.

Disadvantages of using Corded Circular Saw

  • The cord can interfere with your work. You can easily cut the power cord while working on your project.
  • The cord has its limitations to the length you can unwind it. You can only work on projects that your cord length permits.
  • The corded models can inconvenience the progress of your project if you experience a power outage.

Advantages of Using a Cordless Circular saw

  • A cordless model is highly convenient. You can simply carry your unit wherever you are working at without having to worry about powering your tool.
  • A cordless model has a great aspect of safety to it. Cords left lying on the floor can be a hazardous danger. However, the cordless model has no such ills.
  • Cordless saws do not need you to break the bank to have one. They are cheap and they are easily accessible. They also come with complete kits and tools that you would need through the lifetime of the tool.
  • Cordless tools are also time efficient. You do not need time for setting up the tool or setting it down. With a corded tool, you have to find a power source first then unwind the cord, which will require to winding after the work is done.

Disadvantages of using Cordless Circular Saw

  • The main limitation is that the tool runs on a battery. You will need time to charge them before you start working. The output of the battery goes down with continued use of the tool. The tool lacks consistency in its energy output and thus affects the overall performance.
  • Over the lifetime of the tool, the price of the cordless circular saw is higher than the corded circular saw. This is because you will need to routinely replace worn out batteries and chargers. You will also need to keep some backup batteries which end up costing more.

Key Points to Help You Choose a Circular Saw

Project requirements

If your projects require heavy-duty cutting, it is advisable that you go for a corded circular saw. However, if you only require a saw for light home use or simple DIY projects, a cordless circular saw will be the best for you.

Proximity to a power source

If your projects are to be done away from home, or a power source, then you may need to choose the cordless circular saws. You can then buy a few more batteries to keep you going for as long as your project will take before a recharge.

Although the corded saw is superior to the cordless saw when considering the output, the decision you make should be influenced by your specific needs. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of your needs first so that you can settle on the ideal circular saw that will help you most.

Now that you know the difference between a corded and a cordless circular saw and have made the buying decision then you can read further about the best corded circular saws available in the market if you have zeroed in on the corded ones. Else, read about the top 10 best cordless circular saws if you have chosen the cordless variant.

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