If there is one tool that is considered to be the most important for a woodworking project then it has to be the Saw. 

The Hand Saws have been around for thousands of years with Egyptian scripts being discovered referencing ancient woodworking sawing wood into pieces.

The Power Saws, on the other hand, have been around ever since the Circular Saw was patented by Samuel Miller in 1777.

With their advent, the sawing industry completely changed. Most of the advanced sawing is nowadays is done by power saws with large varieties of them available in the market. 

From Circular saws to Miter saws each of them has their own purpose in the woodworking shop. Let’s figure out which one is for you!

Different Types Of Power Saws

Circular saw


Circular saws are the most common types of saws available and are usually the first power saw to be bought by a woodworker. They can make cross cuts, rip cuts and bevel cuts. They can be fitted with blades to cut not only wood but also metals.


Table Saws are meant to cut in straight lines and uses circular blades for the cuts. They are generally at the center-piece of all woodworking shops and are the first major purchase by a woodworker. There are a variety of table saws available in the market like stationary, portable, benchtop, jobsite and hybrid to name a few. Each designed for a specific purpose.