If there is one tool that is considered to be the most important for a woodworking project then it has to be the Saw. 

The Hand Saws have been around for thousands of years with Egyptian scripts being discovered referencing ancient woodworking sawing wood into pieces.

The Power Saws, on the other hand, have been around ever since the Circular Saw was patented by Samuel Miller in 1777.

With their advent, the sawing industry completely changed. Most of the advanced sawing is nowadays is done by power saws with large varieties of them available in the market. 

From Circular saws to Miter saws each of them has their own purpose in the woodworking shop. Let’s figure out which one is for you!

Different Types Of Power Saws

1. Circular Saw

different types of sawsThe circular saw is an electrically powered cutting saw that uses a disc-shaped blade for cutting or abrading. The circular saw cuts with a rotary motion spin.

While using the circular saw, ensure that the teeth of the cutting blade are on the edge of your wood piece. To make sure that you optimize on the efficiency of the circular saw, the depth of the cutting saw should be ¼ or ½ inch below the width of the surface being cut.

Functions of the Circular Saw

  1. With different types of blades, a circular saw can be used in masonry, metal, wood, and plastic cutting. The circular saw is electrically powered.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Dewalt is the top best circular saw manufacturer with its circular saw being tested by Amazon.
  2. Skil is the second best circular saw manufacturer on Amazon with its corded circular saw
  3. Bosch closes the top 3 best manufacturers on Amazon with its 16 volt Li-ion circular saw

2. Table Saw

different types of sawsA table saw has a power tool with a circular saw blade that is mounted on an arbor. The blade is made in such a way that it protrudes through the table surface from underneath.

You can change the depth of the blade by adjusting its protrusion trough the tabletop. You can also adjust the angle of the cut by adjusting the angle of the blade.

Functions of the Table saw

  1. Cutting boards and making crown moldings.
  2. It evens out crooked board and wood pieces as well
  3. The table saw is also useful especially wen ripping lumber
  4. You can also cross cut wood using a sled on the tabletop.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Skil tops the list of best manufacturers with its Table saw topping the list as the best seller
  2. Rockwell is the second best manufacturer on Amazon for table saws
  3. Dewalt which is also a top company in making woodwork tools closes in as the 3rd best manufacturer

3. Miter Saw

different types of sawsA miter saw is a stationary power tool that works by pushing a circular saw blade onto your cutting surface in a rapid motion. To cut using a miter saw, you will hold your board or piece of wood against the fence of the saw to ensure that there is precision in the angle of cutting.

The miter saw is easily recognizable for its miter index, which allows you to change the blade angle.

Functions of the Miter Saw

  1. The miter saw is mainly used for creating regular crosscuts
  2. The miter saw also makes accurate angled cut also known as the miter cuts
  3. The miter saw also cuts bevels through the boards, rather than across it

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Hitachi is Amazon’s top manufacturer for miter saws with its miter saw being the best seller on Amazon
  2. Dewalt’s reputation precedes it as the second best miter saw manufacturer on Amazon
  3. Delta is the third bestselling miter saw manufacture on Amazon.

5. Scroll Saw

different types of sawsThe scroll saw is your perfect power tool when cutting intricate shapes and curves on wood without a precision assist tool. Scroll saws have thin blades, allowing you to make small curves.

Due to its intricacy in precision, it comes off as a craft tool more than a woodwork tool. However, you can still plug in some thicker blades and cut larger pieces of wood or board.

Functions of the Scroll Saw

  1. They cut dovetail joints and are a favorite when working on intarsia projects
  2. Due to their intricate cutting ability, scroll saws come in any when cutting joints and curves.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Wen manufacturers are the leading scroll saw manufacturers on Amazon and also Amazon’s top choice
  2. Dewalt comes in second as a top scroll saw manufacturer on Amazon
  3. Dremel features as the third best scroll saw manufacturer on Amazon

6. Chop Saw

different types of sawsA chop saw is similar to a circular saw in appearance. Chop saws are mostly preferred by cabinet makers as they are capable of making accurate square cuts without so much of a struggle.

The chop saw works faster than the circular saw and its adjustable blade depth can be used for cutting different blade depths.

 Functions of the Chop Saw

  1. Cutting precise squares on wood
  2. With the right blade the cop saw can cut metal

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Dewalt tops the list as the best company selling chop saws on Amazon, with its chop saw being a best seller
  2. Evolution is second in selling the best chop saw and is the best value seller
  3. Skilsaw is Amazon’s third best cop saw manufacturer

7. Reciprocating Saw

different types of sawsThis saw is a power tool that features in home projects is oved for its versatility in functions. The saw operates in a push and pull motion for the blade to cut. The reciprocating saw is the perfect tool when cutting a surface that is hard to reach. A reciprocating saw can cut through corners and floor with relative ease.

Functions of the Saw

  1. A reciprocating can easily make cuts on walls especially when the cutting required is on an odd angle.
  2. You can use it to cut PVC piping where other saws cannot reach to the PVC piping systems in your house.
  3. When you have not option of removing a nail or pin, a reciprocating saw can come in handy while nipping of the nail head.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Black+Decker tops the list as Amazon’s best manufacturer with its reciprocating saw standing out as Amazons best choice
  2. Dewalt is the second best reciprocating saw manufacturer on Amazon
  3. Worx Manufacturers are the third-best reciprocating saw makers on Amazon
  4. Porter-cable also stands out as one of the best manufacturers

8. Jig Saw

different types of sawsA Jigsaw is an electric power tool that is notable for its saw blade that is reciprocating. You can add a bevel to the jig saw for it to have extended functions such as cutting bevels at 45 degrees.

Except for new inventions that allow the blade to be snapped into the motor, jigsaws require that you screw in the blades to the tool.

When looking for blades, those with the t-shank design tend to be the standard in the industry and they have a longer working life than the U-shank.

Functions of the Jigsaw

Jigsaws are preferred for their ability to cut curves and precise cuts but they can also cut through other materials such as plastics, ceramic tiles, and sheet metal.

  1. They have thin blades, which allow them to fit in tight spaces and cut curves easily.
  2. They also make straight cuts, especially when using a larger blade. They can cut along or across the grain effortlessly
  3. They are also efficient in making plunge cuts which require you to start cutting in the middle of a piece of board or wood rather than from the edge.
  4. They also make bevel cuts but require a bevel shoe for this purpose

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Black-Decker is the best manufacturer with its jigsaw topping the list as a best seller
  2. Bosch is the second best manufacturer on Amazon
  3. Makita stands in as the third best jigsaw manufacturer on Amazon

9. Radial Arm Saw

different types of sawsThe radial arm saw is the most versatile tool of woodworking power tools with its versatile functions. The radial arm saw has a unique design unlike other stationary power tools. The radial arm saw moves the blade through the wood while crosscutting, but cuts like a table saw when rip cutting.

Functions of the Radial Arm Saw

  1. It can be used for rip cutting and cutting bevels and miters.
  2. It can also make moldings, guide a router and make dadoes and rabbets while working on tenons

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Hitachi is the bestselling manufacturer on Amazon for the radial arm saw
  2. Delta is the second best on the list of top radial arm saw manufacturers on Amazon
  3. Dewalt is the third radial arm saw manufacturer on Amazon

10. Chain Saw

different types of sawsA chain saw is a fuel driven power tool that has its cutting teeth mounted onto a chain that runs around a guide bar.

A chain saw has two main parts the first being the guide bar with a chain on it and the second part being a small engine (single cylinder) that is mainly powered by petrol. There are some corded and battery driven chain saws too.

Functions of the chain saw

  1. The chain saw is a coarse cutting power tool that is mainly used for cutting large pieces of wood, felling trees, splicing wood from logs, and bucking as well.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Dewalt is the number one chain saw manufacturer, and its chain saw is the best selling chain saw on Amazon
  2. Black+Decker spot in as the second best manufacturer and its chain saw is Amazon’s best choice
  3. Huqavarna a long time chain saw manufacturer stands in as the third best manufacturer on Amazon

11. Concrete Saw

different types of sawsA concrete saw is used for cutting concrete in masonry, tiles, bricks and asphalt. The concrete saw is a power tool and due to the hardness of cutting surfaces, it uses diamond blades.

While cutting, a lot of heat is generated and you should cool it to reduce the dust produced and extend the lifetime of the blade.

Functions of the Concrete saw

  1. A concrete saw cuts hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and bricks.

Top Manufacturers on Amazon

  1. Evolution Power Tools are the number one concrete saw best sellers on Amazon.
  2. Skilsaw is the second best concrete saw manufacturer on Amazon
  3. Dewalt is the third best Concrete saw manufacturer on Amazon

12. Flooring Saw

different types of sawsA flooring saw is a power tool with a double-edged blade that cuts out sections from floors. The flooring board cuts its own way into the workpiece as you install.

Functions of the Flooring saw

  1. It helps in the installation of floor in your house.
  2. It can easily cut through laminae, engineered or solid flooring and you can have I corded o keep you on the go.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Skil is Amazon’s top manufacturer for the Flooring saw and the saw is Amazon’s best choice
  2. EAB Tool are the second best flooring saw manufacturers on Amazon
  3. Bullet Tools come in third as the best flooring saw manufacturers on Amazon

13. Abrasive Saw

different types of sawsThe abrasive saw as an abrasive disc that that is similar to a grinding wheel used for thinning. Although it goes by the name saw, the abrasive saw does not have regular cutting teeth on the blade for cutting.

An abrasive saw uses a friction disk blade to cut through the hard surface. Unlike the cutting discs that are sharpened after use, the friction discs wear throughout the cutting process, and can only be replaced.

Functions of the Abrasive Saw

  1. It is important when cutting off hard metal, tile, or even concrete surfaces.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Skilsaw is the top best abrasive saw manufacturer on Amazon
  2. Milawaukee stands a as the second best abrasive saw manufacturer on Amazon
  3. Dewalt holds up its excellent reputation of woodwork tools by having the third best abrasive saw on Amazon

Different Types Of Hand Saws

14. Hack Saw

Different types of saws

This saw has a U shaped bow frame made of metal. The frame holds the blade on both ends with clips otherwise known as spigots. The handle can be either plastic or wooden.

While cutting, place the material to be cut on a vice. Then place the center of the blade on the surface, start with a short front stroke and then back.

Functions of the Hack Saw

  1. The hacks saw cuts metals such as steel
  2. The hacksaw can also be used in cutting plastic pipes and in some rare and extreme cases wood.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Stanley- Stanley manufacturers are the top best manufacturers of the hacksaw and other innovative and high quality products.
  2. Milwaukee- This manufacturer ranks as the second best hack saw manufacturer
  3. Lenox Tools- Third best hacksaw manufacturer with a special interest in bestselling mini hacksaw frames

15. Coping Saw

Different types of sawsThis is a slightly similar saw to the hacksaw but with a bigger bow and the handle is straight on extending from the blade level. The coping saw cuts with a coarser cut than other blades such as the fretsaw.

The blade of the coping saw is thin and removable from the metal frame. You can use various types of blades with a coping saw.

Functions of the Coping saw

  1. The coping saw is good at making curved cuts and cutting coped joints.
  2. It is also used to create fretwork although it is not as good as the fretsaw.
  3. A coping saw cuts complex external shapes and interior cutouts.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Olson saw- Olson is the best manufacturer with its Olson’s coping saw being the best choice on Amazon
  2. Stanley- This is the second best Manufacturer on Amazon with its Coping Saw
  3. Bahco- this manufacturer is the third best with the Bahco Coping saw being an Amazon top choice

16. Bow Saw

different types of sawsThis is a crosscut saw shaped like a bow with a metal frame. It has a coarse wide blade and is used for rough cutting such as cutting branches on a tree. The D shape of the bow saw allows it to cut through wood fast.

The bow saw can curve either straight cuts or cuts that are carved. Use wire wool to rub off any rust that may have formed on the blade. Lubricate the blade with a little motor oil to help in cutting

You can use the bow saw with one or both of your hands, depending on how much force you need to thrust the saw back and forth.

Functions of the Bow Saw

  1. You can use the bow saw for coarse cutting in your home.
  2. The bow saw can cut through logs, branches, and firewood at home.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Bahco- This is the top and Amazon top choice seller of the inch pointed and all-purpose bow saws
  2. Agawa Canyon- This is the second best manufacturer, producing a folding bow saw
  3. Truper- this is the Amazon’s third-ranked manufacturer of the bow saw

17. Rip Saw

different types of sawsThis is a type of saw that is specially made to rip pieces of wood as the method of cutting. Unlike the crosscut saw, that simply shears wood grains, the ripsaw operates like chisels that are picking bits of wood to make a cut.

While cutting with the rip cut saw, start by placing the central teeth on the blade at the edge of your wood piece. You can then stroke forth gently and gain the back and forth momentum as you deem fit.

Functions of a Rip Saw

  1. A ripsaw is the best type of saw for when you are cutting along the wood grain.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Kreg is the number one top manufacturer of Rip cut saws on Amazon
  2. Handyct is the second most popular rip cut saw seller on Amazon
  3. Crown makes a wide range of woodworking tools. This is the reason why its rip cut saw places it on the top 3 rip cut saw manufacturers on Amazon

18. Cross-Cut Saw

different types of sawsA crosscut saw is the usual trapezoidal shaped saw that is commonly used in the wood working garage to cut wood. The saw cuts by centrally placing it on your cutting board and then gently pulling back and forth in a gentle motion. The saw has small teeth, which slant in a forward facing angle. The saw is quite easy to use and is preferred by most woodwork for regular cutting that does not demand a lot from the user.

Functions of the Crosscut saw

  1. The crosscut saw cuts any type of wood across the wood grain
  2. The small teeth allow for carrying out fine cutting in your woodworking projects

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Lynx is Amazon’s top crosscut saw manufacturer with the massive three feet cross cut saw
  2. Bahco is the second best crosscut saw manufacturer on Amazon with an excellent 4.4 star rating
  3. Great Neck Saw manufacturers are the third best saw makers on Amazon

19. Keyhole Saw

different types of sawsThe keyhole saw is a small bladed saw with a plastic or wooden handle. The blade of the saw is pointed, which allows it to cut small holes in a dry wall or even soft woods. Many keyhole saws have an allowance for blade changing, since the blades can vary depending on their width, number of teeth, or length.

Using a keyhole saw safely may require you to drill out a starter hole. This enables you to insert the keyhole and start working on your piece. Excessive pressure is unnecessary as it may cause the saw to jam.

Functions of the Keyhole Saw

  1. Cutting holes in dry walls and soft woods

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Stanley manufacturers are the leading keyhole saw manufacturers on Amazon and their keyhole saw is Amazon’s best choice
  2. WiFiks is the second best keyhole knife maker on Amazon
  3. Mulwark closes in as the third keyhole maker on Amazon

20. Pruning Saw

different types of sawsThis is a saw designed to help with gardening work on pruning branches off trees. This saw has similar sharp teeth to other saws. The saw works on wood and specifically in trimming off live branches.

There are different types of pruning saws but the only difference is that they are only used in cutting different types of branches. Pruning saws have heat treated-hard point teeth. Matching a pruning saw to its task will help you in getting your work done faster

Functions of the Pruning Saw

  1. Pruning saws are used for cutting branches in places where a bow saw cannot cut.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Tabor tools is the leading pruning saw manufacturer and also Amazon’s top choice
  2. Corona is the second best pruning manufacturer on Amazon
  3. Home Planet Gear is Amazon’s third best pruning saw manufacturer.

21. Japanese Saw

Japanese sawThe Japanese saw is a unique saw that is different from the Western saws. The saw is built with its teeth facing behind, towards the handle. The Japanese saw makes a cut during the up stroke while the blade is in tension

Unlike the western saw, you start the thrust of the saw from the back of the blade and not at the frontal tip. The reason is that you will need to pull for you to make a cut.

In most cases, the blades of the Japanese saw are changeable since the fine teeth make it hard for sharpening the saw using a file.

Functions of the Japanese Saw

  1. Japanese saw are used for making center panel cuts
  2. They are also used in joinery work
  3. They cut flash dowels on nail and wood.
  4. They are also useful for cutting keyholes and curves.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Suizan is Amazon’s Best Japanese saw bestseller.
  2. Gyokucho is t second top manufacturer and their Japanese saw is Amazons Top choice.
  3. Razor Saw is the third best Japanese saw seller on Amazon with numerous reviews and a 4.6/5 star rating.

22. Back Saw

Different types of sawsThe backsaw is a short; relatively narrow- bladed saw whose handle is in most cases on the upper rear edge. The backsaw has a steel or brass strip on its upper spine, and hence the name back saw.  Backsaws do not cut deep and their teeth are closely spaced with little setting.

The backsaw does not cut deep into wood and can therefore be used while cutting thin pieces of wood.

Functions of the Back Saw

  1. The backsaw is used is precise woodwork especially when cutting out miters, tenons, and dovetails
  2. Back saws are the perfect fit for when you are looking to get a consistent and fine cut that is straight

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Great neck- This is the bestselling back saw manufacturer on Amazon
  2. En Point- En Point is the second bestselling back saw manufacturer with a specialty in wood working tools
  3. Crown- This is the third top manufacturer and seller of back saws on Amazon

23. Fret Saw

different types of sawsThis is a unique bow shaped saw. The fresh saw’s purpose is to cut any type of work with tight curves involved. The fret saw is better than the coping saw in cutting these curves as it successfully completes delicate cuts that are of a much tighter radius.

The fret saw has a deep bow on its frame with a short blade that allows for handling precision tasks.

The big bow of the fret saw increases the torque, which might cause cutting errors if used by in inexperienced hands. However, slowly cutting through your angles with the balanced vertical handle will help you get things done.

Functions of a Fret Saw

  1. The saw is used for precision cutting on angles that have tight curves e.g. in the making of kitchen cabinets

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Olson Saws are the top pleading Fret saw manufacturers on Amazon
  2. Knew-Concepts are the second best manufacturers of fret saws on Amazon
  3. Groz is the third best fret saw manufacturer on Amazon

24. Veneer Saw

different types of sawsThe veneer saw is a tool used for cutting veneer especially from hardwood. The veneer saw is small and double-edged. It has a precision capability enabled by its small blade with a handle that is offset and above. This design makes it possible to flush cut a surface. The blade of the veneer varies. Some are 3 inches long, while other veneer blades are 4 inches long.

To cut using a veneer blade, place the veneer on a flat tabletop. Place a ruler on the piece of veneer and then pull the saw along the ruler.

Functions of the Veneer Saw

  1. The saw cuts thin sheets of wood known as veneers, which are between 0.4 to 05 mm in thickness. The veneers can then be glued to a surface such as plywood or particleboards.

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Kunz is the number one Amazon Manufacturer of Veneer Saws
  2. Crown Manufacturers feature second and Amazon’s best choice for a veneer saw.
  3. Robert Larson is the third veneer saw manufacturer on Amazon.

25. Wallboard Saw

different types of sawsThe wall saw is similar to the keyhole saw but has a wider blade with a lower number of teeth and is generally shorter. It may be in the form of a double-edged blade and it is mainly used for rating punctures on dry walls. This makes start holes for other tools to operate on.

Functions of the wallboard saw

  1. It is used for making small cuts and aesthetic features on material for building.
  2. It is used to jab a surface before for marking o allow in using another power tool through the contact point established by the jab

Top Amazon Manufacturers

  1. Stanley is the number one best wallboard saw manufacturer on Amazon
  2. Level 5is the second best wallboard saw maker on Amazon
  3. Swanson Tool Co. Inc. is the third in making great wall board saws on Amazon

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