Top 6 Best Detail Sanders of 2018

Best Detail Sander

Finding the best detail sander shouldn’t be hard.

That’s why we’ve assembled this detail sander guide to get you off on the right foot.

Take a look at the products we have compiled here. For each one, we will go over the good and the bad, and tell you everything you need to know about buying each one.

This way, you can make an informed decision…and some of the best woodworking projects in all the neighborhood.

We will discuss pad sizes and materials, as well as the weights and dimensions of each sander.

We will also discuss air consumption, so you can make sure your compressor will handle the machine with ease.

Without further ado, here are the top six, ranked in no particular order.

  1. Dynabrade 57407 Dynaline Sander


Dynabrade is known for its excellence in providing the best in power tools, especially those of the abrasive variety.

This is made right in the United States of America, so you know you’re getting good quality craftsmanship.

The team of in-house engineers on staff at Dynabrade take every step necessary to make sure you’re getting the best you can for your dollar.

This particular detail sander even features a service and repair program that is handled by trained technicians who will fix up your equipment like new if anything should happen to it.

You will enjoy unparalleled customer service over the phone or on the internet.

Now that you know they’ll always have your back, we can focus on the features of this sander. This sander features 2400 strokes per minute at 90 PSIG ⅜” (or 10 mm) stroke length.

You will also get 2 ¾ wide x8” inch long vinyl-faced non-vacuum sanding pad with clips. It weighs only 2.6 pounds, so you will have no trouble carrying it at the job site or the workshop.

Its durability means it can stand up to all the usual work site happenings. This is our most expensive model, but it will not let you down.

  1. AirVANTAGE Industrial Grade Sander


This AirVANTAGE 5” Random Orbital Palm Air Sander is a non-vacuum model with a powerful motor-.28 horsepower, to be exact.

It also features an air inlet thread of ¼ inch NPT and Hose ID of ¼ inch. Air flow and consumption is at a rate of 90 PSIG and 6.2 bar.

You can choose the pad it comes with, so be sure to read all the choices carefully and choose the one that best suits you.

It is an industrial-grade sander, meaning this one can take hours of hard work and long operating hours like a champ.

It is designed for heavy-duty use. The motor spins at 12000 RPM, and the machine itself has a low profile.

You will like the maneuverability of the tool as well as the control you can exert while you are working.

The sander is equipped with grips that make your work comfortable while giving you reduced fatigue on your hands while you are using it. This is ideal for fine sanding jobs.

It is also rather quiet in comparison to other sanders-although ear protection is always a good idea while working with power tools.

  1. Proxxon Delta Sander


Here is a detail sander at a great price that has many wonderful features.

You get an oscillating motion which will prevent the sandpaper from clogging.

The electronic speed feature allows for continuously variable speeds while you work, ranging from 3000 to 10000 oscillations per minute.

You can use it on a variety of materials, like wood, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, glass, and even plastic.

The dimensions are typical of sanders of its kind- It is only 4.5 inches tall by 8 in in width, and 14 inches long. Weighing in at only 2 lbs., this sander can be used without fear of it being too cumbersome or hard to control.

This is truly the sander for those of you with fine-detail jobs to complete: it is tops in its class for fine sanding, deburring, polishing, rouging or even paint removal.

The oscillating motion of the sander means you get less kickback and no vibration. The magnetic motor is powerful and has a long lifetime, performs with high torque, and pads attach with a hook and loop system.

You get a nice carry case for the tool, an adhesive pad to accept a fleece or sandpaper pad, and even comes with some sandpaper and fleece to get you started.

The sandpaper comes in varying grades. You also get a soft and hard polishing pad, too. This product also features a limited warranty when you buy.

  1. Jitterbug Pneumatic Sander


Here is a tool that is going to serve you well in all your applications, whether it is auto body prep work, woodworking, or even fiberglass finishes.

This Jitterbug sander is rather small in its size but does a great job of getting things done.

It is only 2 and ⅔” x 6 ½” making it easy to store in a toolbox and easy to carry around.

It’s lightweight, at only 4.5 lbs., so everybody can use it with just a little training.

Low vibration means reduced arm fatigue. Pad sizes are 2 ⅔” x 6 1/2”, and the speed of this sander is 8000 RPM. This particular sander does use a lot of air, so be aware of that.

The hose size is ⅜” and the air pressure is 90 PSI with a consumption of 9.

The random orbit action means leaves none of those unsightly swirl marks so that you get a superior, quality finish on all your tasks.

Operator comfort is in the bag with the lightweight size and easy to handle design.

There is a built-in speed regulator, and the muffled rear exhaust means the dust stays out of your way and the air flows out back.

The manufacturer lists it as “certified frustration free” so you can count on many hours of hard work and minimal headaches.

  1. Rockwell MultiTool-Sonicrafter


What amazing things this tool can do!

With over 200 reviews from customers resulting in a very favorable rating of 4.5 stars, you can be sure your money will be well spent when purchasing this great tool.

This is formally known as the Rockwell Oscillation Sonicrafter, and it makes great cuts and provides smooth and lovely finishes.

If you have blades from other manufacturers, you can use them here on this multi-tool. They fit well on the Sonicrafter and allows you to change up the blades without the need for another tool.

It also gives you the power of one ton of blade clamping force. The cutting load here is 35lbs of force at its maximum.

While the cutting feature is nice, you really came here to learn about its sanding capabilities. Never fear-this machine will get your work done with force.

This comes with a sanding pad, sanding sheets, and of course six blades to get your project underway fast.

You also get a nice toolbox to store all the accessories and machine and transport them with ease. Blades are stored in the lid and the main component in the box.

No matter what you are doing with this great too-whether it’s sanding, cutting, scraping, or removing grout, you can easily find the right blades and pads to get the job done right the first time.

It’s all on Amazon, too-no trips to the store necessary.

You get two oscillating angles with this tool-5.0 and 3.4.

Use the former for fast, aggressive cuts, and fast results, and the latter for when you need precision and control.

This tool goes harder and faster than any of the others listed, and you can adjust the speed on your own using a dial.

It ranges from 10,000 to 19,000 oscillations per minute, and has a motor rated at 4.2 amps. This means you get lots of power and no stalling even under the most dire conditions.

Consumers cite great quality and ease of use when referring to this tool.

  1. Black & Decker Detail Sander


Ranking as Amazon’s Choice for detail sanders, this little fellow packs a punch in a pint-size package.

You get a 3-position grip for easy control and easy use in many different applications.

If dust is a bother to you, you will enjoy this sander’s dust collection mechanism.

It’s high performance and has microfiltration abilities, meaning you get a nice, clean workspace as you go along.

The compact size is going to allow you to outshine the competition as you move easily in and out of tight spaces.

The motor is only 1.2 amps, but still delivers ample power for a job well done. The oscillations per minute are nothing to shake a stick at-14,000 to be exact.

The design is ergonomic and compact, so it will go with you anywhere and provide you a comfortable time using it.

You get lots of nice extras inside the box: the sander itself, 2 sanding sheets, a finger attachment holder, and a detail finger sanding sheet.

You can use a palm grip, precision grip, or a standard handle grip as you work depending on the needs of your project.

Best of all, Black & Decker has always been known to provide great quality at a value unsurpassed by many others.

This is a sander you can buy with plenty of confidence.


Got your sander sorted what about some fillers for when you need to fill some holes to create that clean look once again. Check out our top list for fillers here.

No matter what your project calls for, you’re covered when you choose any one of our great sanders. They all have great customer reviews and are readily available through Amazon for easy purchase.

Best of luck with your project and be sure to work hard.

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