Dremel 3000 VS 4000: Which is the best Rotary Tool for Woodworking

Dremel 3000 vs 4000

If you are a creator of fine arts, home arts, or DIY projects, then you may have learnt about rotary tools- and how they can ease your work. In this article, I focus on two of the best rotary tools for your woodwork projects, the Dremel 3000 vs the Dremel 4000. These are the two most used rotary tools by hobbyists, professionals, DIYers. Picking a best from the two master products can be a tall order for most people.

Although they carry a lot of similarity and semblance between them, and are used for the same functions- they have key differences in the types of accessories and attachments that they come with, and the performance which they show while at work.

I know that you will still have a great rotary tool for your DIY projects if you pick any of these tools. However, in this article, I have compared them and outline their key differences to help you in discovering which one of the two is a best fit. I will then cover the two rotary tools in full detail and talk about each of their advantages and disadvantages. I hope this article will help you in making a conclusive decision about which is the best rotary tool for your woodwork projects.

Dremel 3000 vs Dremel 4000: Key Differences between the Two

Our focus on the differences between the two tools leans more on the features of the two products. We also focus on what to expect of them in terms of their usage and performance.

Although the Dremel 4000 comes in with more power than the Dremel 3000, there is a notable difference in the heat level and vibration. The 3000 when unloaded does not get hot Also the vibrations are much less than those experienced in the Dremel 4000.

Another key difference, which to some extent affects the functionality, is the width of the tool. The 3000 is shorter than the 4000. Although the 4000 is superior in ergonomics, the 3000 feels a little fatter which adds in some detail to the balance on your hand. The 4000 is also longer which feels less manageable when you are on the pencil grip.


If you are looking for more power and torque, the Dremel 4000 offers a better solution than the Dremel 3000. The 3000 has a smaller 1.2-Amp motor with a maximum of 32,000 RPMs, while the Dremel 4000’s bigger 1.6-Amp motor goes up to 35,000 RPMs.

Speed Dial and Control

The speed dial and the electronic circuitry control are present in the Dremel 4000. However, none of the two features is in the Dremel 3000.

Electronic Feedback

Dremel 4000 tool comes with an electronic feedback control, which is not present in the Dremel 3000.

This feature has been added to the 4000 to help you in knowing when you are going too hard or when your speed is too low for the work that you are doing. The feature is there to help you improve on your artistry. With this feature, the 4000 offers you more control while using it than the 3000.

The 3000 will require your judgement to discern the right speed for what you are doing and the pressure you are applying. While a newbie may not want to have the 4000, master artisans will prefer the 3000, which offers all power to them.

Separate Controls for Speed

Although both tools have variable speed controls, the 4000 improves the whole experience with an added feature, the on/off speed dial which is separate.

This means that you can change the speed of your tool without having to interfere with the power. While this may not seem as a big deal for most users, this added feature adds a load of advantages to the 4000.

Especially when handling wood working projects, the speed dial offers you the capability to slow down or speed up your tool while in the midst of a cut, which offers you a better end result. This feature has its full power while handling complicated or delicate crafts.

Options for the Kits

Both the 4000 and the 3000 have different options for the kits. The kits offer an option to users who might have various needs in the components or features that the tool comes with.

The kits differ in the number of attachments and they are indicated in the model number of the kit. The Dremel 4000 has four options for the kits. There is the Dremel 4000 2/30, 4000 3/34, 4000 4/34, 4000 6/50. The Dremel 3000 has three options, which are 3000 1/24, 3000 1/25, and 3000 2/28.


Although there are minor differences in between the two tools, the 4000 is more expensive than the 3000. However, the cost is mainly because the 4000 packs with more features and is generally better than the 3000. However, both tools offer you a run for your money, although the 4000 is far more refined in its operations and user-ability.

Check out the price of Dremel 3000 and 4000 kits on Amazon here.


When comparing durability, the 4000 picks a lead beyond any doubt. It is more resilient to dropping and accidents, and you can be sure that your 4000 is going to stay with you for long. The 3000, although durable, may not last as long due to the plastic attachments, which have a shorter lifetime than those of the Dremel 4000.

Dremel 3000 pros and cons


  • High quality tool and cheap in price
  • Good for sanding on your woodwork projects.
  • Has an EZ Twist nose cap.


  • It is not compatible with all Dremel attachments

Dremel 4000 Pros and Cons


  • More powerful and fast
  • EZ mechanism change feature
  • Separate on/off and speed switch
  • Lighter in weight


  • It has a higher price tag on it

Now that I have compared the Dremel 3000 with the Dremel 4000, I will not get into a little bit more details about each tool.

Dremel 3000: Variable Speed Rotary Tool

Dremel 3000

The Dremel 3000 is one of the great evolutionary products in the line of rotary tools. Packed with 28 accessories, two attachments, and equipped with the EZ Twist integrated wrench, the 3000 is a guarantee of sufficiency and convenience while working on any woodwork project. Built to last the 3000 has been made with the double ball bearing construction to assure you of longevity and continued service. The tool is also made in a way that maintenance is easy and requires minimal effort as the carbon brushes are easily accessible and removable/

The 3000 is a precision tool that is designed to undertake even the hardest of tasks. At 20 ounces in weight, the 3000 is easy to wield in your hands as you make delicate dexterities in your art. The Dremel 3000 has an efficient 1.2 amp motor and runs with 5000-32000 RPMs. A slide switch on the body of the tool allows you to have increased control on the speed.

To increase efficiency and longevity, the Dremel 3000 has air vents, which are larger and strategically placed to minimize blockage with the fingers. This allows the tool to remain cooler even after running for an extended period.

With a more enhanced ergonomic grip, the Dremel 3000 is easier to grip. The front end has also been reshaped to enhance the pencil grip, with the symmetrical housing allowing for ambidextrous use.

Of all features, genius is dictated in the nosepiece that acts as the wrench that can be used to loosen or tighten the collet. This tool has a four-position collet, which is, tightened or loosened by turning the shaft lock. This makes it easier to fasten the accessories and tools that you need to use, without having to use an external wrench, which may not have a great grip. All you need to insert a bit is, unscrew the shaft lock at the front, insert, and then tighten the nose again to lock the collet.

This tool offers a lot of power while using it. However, you may experience more vibrations while using lower speeds. However, it works perfectly at high speeds, and the vibrations are much lesser.

Similar to the model 300, the power switch has been integrated into the speed switch, which is at the tool’s tail end. The speed settings increase the speed with roughly 3000 RPMs. There is also a hanging hook on the tail end that makes it convenient for suspending while running your woodwork projects.

Although the Dremel 3000 is purchased with 1/8” collet, you can separately get different collet sizes at 1/32”, 1/16”, and 3/32”. The Dremel 3000 is also usable with all tools that you may need for your woodworking purposes, except for the PL400 Planer and MS400 Multi-saw attachments.

 The Dremel 3000 comes in 3 key kit formats. All the sets come in a hard storage case that has grinding, sanding, and cutting accessories. They also have a multipurpose grinding/ sanding or cutting accompanying guide. The two guides have scales that assist with adjusting the height. The adjustment can be up to approximately ¾.

These guides are important in tasks that require you to hold the Dremel 3000 at a 900 angle to the work surface. The flat edge guide is easy to use since the tool has a flat edge. The 450 bevel-edge is also available. Nonetheless, unlike the multipurpose guide, the 1- ¾” base does not provide as much support.

The Dremel 3000 comes at a friendly price, and you may want to see why people consider it as cheap. See price on Dremel.com.

Key Features of the Dremel 3000

  • 2 Amp Motor
  • 5,000-32000 RPM, variable speed
  • 6” power cord
  • 3600 grip zone
  • Carbon Motor brushes that are easily accessible
  • Single switch for power and speed control
  • Quick collet lock
  • EZ twist nose cap
  • Accepts 1/32”, 3/32”, 1/16”, and 1/8” collets. The 1/8” collet is provided.

Accessories in the Casing

Cutting: 426 fiberglass-reinforced cut off wheel (x2), 561 multipurpose cutting bit.

Grinding/ Sharpening: 84992 Silicon carbide grinding stone, 932 aluminium oxide grinding stone, 953 aluminium oxide grinding stone.

Cleaning/ polishing: 403 nylon bristle brush, 421 polishing compound, 428 carbon steel brush, 414 felt polishing wheel (x3), 429 felt polishing wheel (x2).

Sanding: 407 ½ inch sanding drum 408 ½ inch 60 grit sanding band (x2), 445 ½ inch240-grit sanding band, 432 ½ inch 120- grit sanding band (x2).

Engraving/ Carving: 191 high-speed cutter, 7144 diamond wheel point, 107 engraving cutter.

Miscellaneous: 415 dressing stone, wrench, 401-screw mandrel, 402 mandrel.


Maintaining the Dremel 3000 is largely minimal and is advised to be done at the 50th hour of use. During routine maintenance, ensure that you check the brushes and replace them when they begin to wear down. You should also do a check on the brushes when the tool starts to run intermittently or slower than its usual speed, or if the tool is sparking more than it normally does. The brushes are sold as a pair and they cost about $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Dremel 3000 engrave glass? Yes. You can use this unit to engrave glass. Using the pencil grip helps you to have increased control over the engraving. Ensure that you engrave using a slow and steady speed.

Can it drill holes in pebbles while making jewelry? Yes, but you will need to purchase a suitable drill bit that is diamond headed.

Things we liked about this Product

  • Comes with 28 rotary accessories and 2 attachments.
  • It has the EZ Twist integrated nose cap for faster nose change of accessories.
  • The carbon brushes are easily accessible for faster replacement.
  • The construction is double ball bearing.

Things we did not like about this Product

  • The Dremel 3000 does not work with the accessories of the PL400 and MS400 attachments.
  • We also did not like the on/ off speed switch integrated with the variable speed switch. This would be great for people who would love their tool to remain on one default speed at all times.

Dremel 4000: High Performance Rotary Tool

Dremel 4000

Talking of versatility and power, the Dremel 4000 rotary tool offers high performance and convenience in all of your woodwork projects. With a boosted strength from its improved motor- coupled with an all-new electric feedback circuitry, this tool promises consistency and excellence in performance at all its speed levels.

The slim design offers you a 3600 grip zone, which superbly enhances your comfort and control. Even better is the Dremel 4000’s capability of using all accessories and attachments so you can have all that you need with this one tool.

Packed in a sturdy case  that can hold almost everything that you need for your projects, the tool has an inner handy removable case that comes stocked with the sanding disks, spare cutting wheels, polishing pads, grinding tips, a wire wheel, and various mandrels. They also pack a polishing compound for you, ensuring that you have nearly everything that would help you in getting started for your projects.

The body of the Dremel 4000 is made of high impact plastic, with an amazing and all time- high variable speed range of 5000- 35,000 RPMs. This grants you all the power you need to handle everything from light tasks such as buffing on low speed to grinding at high speeds. In between the speed range, you can cut whatever you need to on your projects. The speed dial has clear notations of the corresponding speed. For safety purposes, the speed change is at the end of the tool to minimize accidental switching of speeds while you are at work.

On normal occasions, when you start the tool, friction would slow down the speed of your tool thus leaving you short changed of the power and speed that you need for a particular task. However, there is nothing to worry about such a shortcoming with the Dremel 4000. The company’s new electronic feedback circuitry technology ensures that your tool supplies you with consistent power at mid-range and lower speed levels.

To cater for the increase in speed that comes with the Dremel 4000, heating up is no longer a problem as this tool comes fitted with a large cooling fan. The cooling vents are also strategically placed to ensure that your hands barely block the airflow in or out.

Check out Dremel 4000 rotary tool on Amazon.

Key Features of the Dremel 4000

  • 6 Amp Motor
  • 5000-35000RPM, variable speed
  • 6” power cord
  • 3600 grip zone
  • Easily removable carbon brushes
  • Separate speed dial and on/off switch
  • Quick collet lock
  • EZ Twist noes cap
  • Electronic feedback circuitry
  • Can be used with all Dremel rotary tool attachments and accessories

Accessories in the casing

Attachments: Circle cutter or straight edge guide and grinding/ sanding guide.

Carving and engraving: 191 high-speed cutter.

Grinding/ sharpening: 541 aluminium oxide-grinding wheel, 84922 silicon carbide grinding stone, and 932 aluminium oxide grinding stone.

Cutting: 420 cut-off wheel (x2), 426 fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel (x2), 561 multipurpose cutting bit.

Leaning/polishing: 428 carbon steel brush, 414 felt polishing wheel, 421 polishing compound, 429 felt polishing wheel.

Sanding: 408 ½ inch 60-grit sanding band (x2), 445 ½  inch 240-grit sanding band (x2), 432 ½ inch 120-grit sanding band (x2), 407 ½ inch sanding drum, 411 ¾ inch 180-grit sanding disc (x3), 413 3/4 inch 240-grit sanding disc (x2), and 412 ¾ inch 220-grit sanding disc (x3).

Miscellaneous: 402 mandrel, wrench, 401-screw mandrel.

Frequently asked Questions

Can you use the 4000 to grind the grout between floor tiles? Yes, you can. However, you will need to have a diamond bit for the work. In addition, depending on the square footage, you may need more than one diamond grinding wheel/ bit.

What is the difference between the Dremel 4000 2/30 and the Dremel 4000 6/50: The 2/ 30 has two attachments and thirty accessories. The 6/50 has six attachments and 50 accessories.

Can you use it to shape and polish gemstones? With a diamond wheel, you can comfortably do this with the 4000.

Things we liked about this Product

  • While some people may consider it a con that the 4000 comes with a cord, we would hate the idea of stopping midway on a woodwork project to charge the batteries. The cord, which is 6 feet in length, offers you enough space to use your 4000 comfortably.
  • While you may also consider the plastic housing as a con, you will not need the 4000 for heavy-duty work. The rotary tool is relatively light and therefore you have better control at keeping it steady even after using it for a longer while.
  • The price of the 4000 is also reasonable while offering a great quality product.
  • Comes with lots of accessories, which makes the tool usable for versatile functions.
  • The case is great for traveling and is built to last for long.

Things we did not like about this Product

  • At speeds above 25,000 RPM, the motor starts to drag and fluctuate in speed. However, in case the worst begets you, Dremel has a great response when setting you up with a warranty so you do not have to worry about that.
  • The Straight edge/ circle cutter guide attachment, which comes with the tool, was also problematic for us. The metallic screw eats into the plastics at the point where the locking screw tightens for attachment.


With all said and compared, it is now easy to note out that the Dremel 4000 is an improvement of the Dremel 3000, making it a more powerful tool and a better choice for your woodwork projects.

The Dremel 4000 promises power and a higher output in the speed. You will also get more accessories for a more versatile use in your projects.

Not only does the 4000 offer power, but it also provides you with more convenient features, such as a separate speed dial and an electronic feedback feature- which is quite handy for different projects. You can check it out here.

However, you may need to settle for the 3000 if you are starting  out and you do not need so much power as is offered by the 4000, or are looking for something that is more affordable. It also has lesser power and lower speed, which is preferable and advisable for use with a beginner.

Overall, the Dremel 4000 stands out as the better rotary tool for your woodworking projects. Thanks to its power, speed, separate speed dial, and the new feedback circuitry.

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