Oscillating Tool Reviews: These Are The Best Ones For Your Next Woodworking Project In 2020

Best Oscillating Tools Review

Whether you are simply a handyman around the house or offer your services as a handyman around the neighborhood, or perhaps you are making furniture in your garage, one thing is for sure – woodworking requires a number of tools to ensure you can really get the job done. There are many tools available on the market that can help you with your woodworking projects, some affordable and some of the higher end of the scale when it comes to pricing of the tool.

While there are various tools that can be purchased separately for specific functions, you also get a range of multifunctional tools that can perform more than a single function. An oscillating tool is an excellent example of such a tool, giving you the ability to attach a large variety of heads that give you functions like sanding, cutting, and much more.

There are a lot of oscillating tools on the market, including both wired and cordless options. These tools also vary in price and features, and companies are increasingly coming up with new attachments for oscillating tools in order to expand on the already impressive range of functions that they can perform.

In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best oscillating tools that are currently on the market, compare them, and help make the process of choosing the right one for your woodworking projects faster and more convenient. We’ll also take a look at some of the attachments that are available for these tools and consider a few scenarios where an oscillating tool can be a valuable asset to your woodworking toolbox.

Reviews Of The Top Oscillating Tools On The Market

We’re going to start this post off by taking a look at the top five oscillating tools that we were able to find. We dug through the internet and tested out multiple options in order to find which ones are really worth the money, and which ones will not be to your satisfaction. You obviously want to buy a quality product that will last for years, which is why we considered factors such as the brand, overall product quality, and existing customer satisfaction, to find the top ones that you can choose from.

1. DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool

best oscillating toolsType: Cordless

The very first one up on our list is the DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool. This is an exceptionally powerful product that comes with a DEWALT brushless motor for improved performance. The oscillating tool is compatible with a wide range of attachments so that you can easily modify the functionality of the product – and turn it into a powerful tool that you need to get the job done.

The speed trigger built into the DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool gives you the ability to easily adjust the speed to be more appropriate for the task that you are working on. The speed trigger also features a dual-grip design for added comfort and improved control over the speed of the tool at all times.

This is a cordless oscillating tool, which makes it a much more convenient option compared to wired options on the market. There is no need to worry about being close to a power outlet at any time when you choose the DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool. While the standard package does not come with the appropriate charger and battery, you can choose a Cordless Starter Kit instead, which include these essentials that you will need to start using this oscillating tool.

The accessory system offers quick-change technology, which means you are able to remove the accessory that is currently attached to the oscillating tool and attach a new one without the need for a wrench or any other tools. The product also comes with a universal accessory adapter, making this particular power tool compatible with a much larger variety of accessories than a lot of the other options on the market.

2. Porter-Cable PCC710B 20—Volt MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool

best oscillating toolsType: Cordless

The Porter Cable PCC710B 20-Volt MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool is another excellent option if you are looking for a versatile solution that is more appropriate for a smaller budget. This particular tool is available for under $70 and comes with all of the basic features that you will rely on when it comes to using an oscillating tool.

When you buy the Porter Cable PCC701B 20-Volt MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool, you get a storage box included with the product, along with an additional 11 accessories that give you the ability to start using the tool immediately without having to go out and buy additional accessories.

The tool is equipped with a convenient LED light that gives you the ability to get a better view on the surface or item that you are working on. The product does require a compatible battery to operate, which does not seem to come included with the purchase of the Porter Cable PCC701B 20-Volt MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool.

Another major benefit offered by this oscillating tool is the easy and convenient way that accessories are changed. In fact, the system has been named the two-finger tool-free accessory system, since you only need to use two fingers in order to remove the accessory that is currently attached to the tool, and you can then easily add a new accessory, based on the needs of the project that you are working on.

The Porter Cable PCC701B 20-Volt MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool also offers a comfortable grip and a unique design to make holding the tool during your operations easier, which will ultimately help to prevent the tool from slipping out of your hands.

3. Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 12 Volt Redlithium Ion 20,000 OPM Variable Speed Cordless Multi-Tool

best oscillating toolsType: Cordless

The Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 12 Volt Redlithium Ion 20,000 OPM Variable Speed Cordless Multi-Tool is an excellent option for you if you are very low on budget, but would still like to equip your toolbox with an oscillating tool. This one is available for under $50 and comes with a range of very convenient features that are all sure to make your task easier and more convenient.

The tool features an easy speed adjustment setting that can be used to manually set how fast the tool should work – the maximum speed is 20,000 OPM. In addition to giving you full control over the speed, the product was also made to be more comfortable to hold onto while you are going about the operations needed to get the project that you are working on to be done.

The Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 12 Volt Redlithium Ion 20,000 OPM Variable Speed Cordless Multi-Tool is battery operated and does not utilize any type of cords, making this a more appropriate option for you if you are looking to work in mobile locations where a power source might not always be available. It should be noted, however, that the tool does not come included with an appropriate battery – this is sold separately.

The tool is compatible with a large variety of attachments and offers a convenient way to change the current attachment without having to utilize any type of tools. Once you have removed the current attachment, adding a new one is quick and convenient, and does not require any special skills.

The product also comes included with a few useful attachments, including a multi-use blade, several multi-grit sanding papers, and a sanding pad. These form a basis for the attachments that you will be using – from here, and you can buy additional attachments to use with your oscillating tool.

4. Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

best oscillating toolsType: Corded

Next up on our list is the Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool, a very convenient and powerful device that will suit even the smaller budgets. This multifunctional tool was designed to be an ideal solution for remodeling, restorations, and for general repairs around the house.

The Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool comes with a variable speed setting that allows you to set the speed of the device manually. You can adjust the speed to settings up to 21,000 OPM, making this a perfect option for various functions, including scraping, grinding, cutting, and sanding.

The device comes with a series of attachments included to help you get started right away after you have purchased the product. You also get an Allen wrench, and an HHS segment saw blade and a 3-inch Delta sanding pad.

The housing of the gear is made from a quality die-cast aluminum material for added durability and performance, while also giving you an oscillating tool that will last for a more appropriate period of time.

5. WORX WX682L 20V Oscillating Tool

best oscillating toolsType: Cordless

Last on our list is the WORX WX682L 20V Oscillating Tool, a powerful device at a relatively affordable price. This one comes at just under $100 and includes a battery, which is something that we did not find amongst many other options out there. The fact that the product is cordless also makes it a great solution for working in areas where you are not very close to a power source.

The WORX WX682L 20V Oscillating Tool is compatible with a large range of different accessories that can be easily attached in order to expand on the tool’s functionality. Furthermore, the device has several speed settings that you can choose from, ranging from 5,000 OPM up to 20,000 OPM. For added performance, the oscillating motion features a 3.2-degree angle.

What is an Oscillating Tool?

An oscillating tool is a Power-tool which uses very fast sideways motion to do its job. The speed of motion is typically around 20,000 strokes per minute and mostly feels like a vibration. They are mostly used to do finishing jobs and work around confined places and weird jobs. An oscillating multi-tool can be used with a saw blade, scraper, grinder, cutter, sander plates and many more.

Why You May Need An Oscillating Tool?

There are various reasons why a person might require an oscillating tool when they are busy with a couple of woodworking projects. One of the main reasons would be the fact that such a tool can save you a significant amount of money.

Consider this for a moment – when you buy an oscillating tool, you can add accessories that transform this simple tool into a grinder, a scraper, a saw, or even a sander, amongst other possibilities. Now, imagine having to buy all of these tools individually – that can easily add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. You only need one oscillating tool, however, to perform all of these functions.

Additionally, an oscillating tool is not only a great product to buy if you are frequently finding yourself busy with a woodworking project. These products can be used, with the appropriate accessories, for other types of projects as well.

With the right accessories, you can easily use an oscillating tool in projects that involve more than just wood. Additional materials may include carpet, hardwood, plastic materials, aluminum, steel, and even hard or soft tile.

In normal situations, you would have to buy separate tools for every type of project and material that you will be working with. One oscillating tool can be used with a variety of attachments in order to replace all of these tools, without the need to spend hundreds of dollars – as you have seen already in the oscillating tool reviews we have provided here, there are many of these tools that cost under $100.

Since some of these tools come in cordless options, that further extends the usefulness and adds another reason why you might want to consider adding one to your arsenal. A cordless option means there is no need to be near a power outlet and you can use the tool virtually anymore, even while you are visiting family during a holiday.

What to Look for while buying An Oscillating Tool?

  • Compatible Accessories – When you are buying a multi-tool the main factor should be the number of attachments it can connect with. You might need it currently for 3 types of jobs but it’s best to get a multi-tool which can work with at least 5 types of attachments – sanding pad, saw blade, grinding pad, cutting blade and scraping tool.
  • Ease of Accessory Change – Who would want a multi-tool which needs a wrench to remove the accessory? It is always better to go for an oscillating multi-tool which enables easy accessory change unless you are looking for a lower-priced one due to budget constraint. The Porter Cable PCC710B costs less than $100 and comes with a 2 Finger Tool-Free system for changing or adjusting accessories.
  • Corded or Cordless – Corded ones have historically performed better in comparison tests. The guys over at Protoolreviews had performed a shootout and the best cordless one, the Kobalt Cordless 24-Volt Oscillating Tool, came out only 6th Yes, the cordless ones are handy and portable but they make you compromise on performance, price and vibration control.
  • Ergonomics – One of the more important parameters to look at while buying your oscillating multi-tool. The tools vibrate a lot and the accessories are very sharp and hence you need to be sure that you are holding it firm and comfortable doing it. Depending on your grip size go for a narrower bodied one like the DEWALT DCS355B which is only 2.5 inches in diameter or the fat bodies one like the BLACK+DECKER BD200MTB which is 4 inches in diameter.
  • Oscillation Rate Control – Having control over the speed of oscillation would enable you to fasten your work. A higher rate of oscillation would result in faster cutting time, whereas a lower speed will enable you to cut harder materials. So look for a variable speed oscillating tool with a top speed of 20,000 OPM (Oscillations per Minute).
  • Vibration – Always go for a tool which has low vibration. With a high vibration, you will soon find it very uncomfortable to use the tool. Oscillating tools depend on vibration to get the job done it is almost impossible to stop it from reaching the arms. Some manufacturers have been able to almost nullify them, like the Multimaster Oscillating Tool from Fein but that is very rare.


An oscillating tool can be exceptionally useful and also save you a significant amount of money, compared to having to buy all of the tools that offer the functions provided by such a tool separately. We provided you with the best oscillating tool reviews in this post to help you see which options currently will give you the best performance at the best price, of course. All you need to do now is take a look at which one is most appropriate for you and fits into the budget that you can set aside for this type of multifunctional tool.

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