Porter Cable 4212 vs 4216 - Which One Should You Go For?

Porter Cable 4212 vs 4216

Before we talk about the products, we must understand what they are. The two products that we will deal with today are jigs.

In case you do not know what jig tools are, here is a little explanation that would help you to understand them.

Jigs are tools which guide another tool on the workpiece. How are they different from a Fixtures?

You can check the article on Jigs vs Fixtures to know how Jigs are different from Fixtures.

The Porter-Cable 4216 and the Porter-Cable 4212 Dovetail jigs come with only two significant differences. The Porter-Cable 4212 is not as expensive as the 4216.

The second difference is that the 4126 is complemented with a 4215 template to cater to miniature through joints, half-blind dovetail joints, and small box joints.

These are the only two differences as both of them come as a full set in the box. Hence, the user can take them out and start working with them right away. 

Both can be set up quickly and offer great versatility. They come with a similar warranty period and customer service.

The only thing that the users have to decide upon is whether they want to spend some extra few bucks on the Porter-Cable 4216.

Main Differences between Porter Cable 4212 and 4216

The Porter-Cable 4212 and the Porter-Cable 4216 differ in performance and price only.

Performance-wise, the Porter-Cable 4216 is paired with a 4215 template which can be used for cutting an added miniature angled joints. Whereas, the Porter-Cable 4212 is complemented with 4211 for sliding dovetails, rabbeted half-blind, and half-blind. It also includes template 4213 to cater to box joints and through dovetails.

However, the Porter-Cable 4216 is more versatile than the Porter-Cable 4212.

The Porter-Cable 4216 is more expensive than in 4212. However, the buyer should also consider that even though the 4216 costs more, it comes with an additional template. If you are a person who wants to get a more versatile product, then you can go for the expensive one.  In case you do not want a template, for now, you can buy the 4212.

But then again, purchasing a template separately for the 4212 would ultimately cost more than buying the 4216.

Similarities between Porter Cable 4212 and 4216

The Porter-Cable 4212 and 4216 come with similar durability and design.

Both of them are constructed of a robust stainless steel frame that is designed for supporting the router that the user is going to use and maintain stability during the operation. Both of them come with some exposed metal pieces which can snap off or bend if the machines are not adequately treated.

Even the designs of the machines are the same. They can be assembled easily. Both of them are provided with detailed and excellent instructions that can be followed without facing any hassle. Both of them deliver similar quality angled cuts, but the 4216 gets extra credit as it comes with an additional template.

Porter-Cable 4212 Review

The Porter-Cable 4212 comes with template 4213 and 2111 for box joints, through dovetails, and for sliding dovetails, rabbeted half-blind, and half-blind respectively. The router-bit dept gauges and the template alignment lines allow for easy and quick set-up.  The router-bit depth gauge helps the user to accurately and quickly set the desired depth without even taking measurements.

The cam-type heavy-duty clamps along with sandpaper backed locking bars, helps in providing a firm grip on the wood. It can accommodate stock from 1-1/8″ to ¼” thick. It comes with a single-piece and durable steel base design that allows for bolting and clamping directly to the working bench.

It’s aluminium machined template offers long term durability and superior cutting accuracy.

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How to use Porter-cable 4212?

Using some of these miscellaneous techniques would help you to work with your Porter-Cable 4212.

  • Use a dead-blow hammer made up of plastic to join the workpieces together. This would avoid the marring of the wood pieces.
  • You can also chamfer the inner-tail edges for making the joints move together smoothly. It also helps in preventing the pins from getting damaged. You can create the chamfers using a chisel or a file. They would be invisible as they are situated inside the joint.
  • When you are using a scrap material in a horizontal position for supporting the template, you have to ensure that the scrap is similarly thick like the router’s bit depth-of-cut.
  • In case you are repeatedly working on the same set-up, then you can apply a 3/8”-16 nut to prevent any movement of the brass adjustment knobs.

What we liked about Porter Cable 4212

There are various things to like about the Porter-Cable 4212. It is complemented with a manufacturers’ warranty of three years for the defective parts. The manufacturer would replace any parts of the cable without the user having to pay a single penny behind it. 

It is excellent for both beginners and pro users as it comes with a brief and compact guide which would help any user to work with the machine as quickly as possible. Furthermore, if the user can get the correct adapter and collect, the 4212 is compatible with all the routers in the market. It does even make a loud noise during operation. It is ultimately value for money product which offers premium quality performance.

What we did not like about Porter Cable 4212

Most of the buyers who have bought it have complained that its lack of a template prevents from to achieve more detailed angled and more excellent joints.  Moreover, the bit-depth knobs are made up of plastic, and they might get up fast unless they are dropped in or out perfectly vertically. The design also does not leave adequate vertical space for fitting the wrench and using it for adjusting the backup nut. 

Porter-Cable 4216 Review

Along with template 4213, 4211, the Porter-Cable 4216 comes with an extra 4215 template for small box joints, half-blind dovetails, and miniature through.  The firm grip of the wood is provided by the cam-type heavy-duty clamps which come with sandpaper backed locking bars. It can be used for cutting a wide range of joinery for furniture, boxes, and drawers. It can accommodate stocks from 1-1/8 inches to ¼ inches thick.

The users do not need to brainstorm themselves behind the assembly procedure as it does not require any.  The on-board instruction provides a detailed and precise user guide, which can be referred to during the time of various applications. The users are also promised with long-term durability and superior cutting accuracy with the machined aluminium templates. The entire structure is made up of a top-notch quality single-piece steel which would last you for many seasons.

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How to use Porter-cable 4216

Users can follow these simple steps while operating the Porter-Cable 4216:

  • You can manoeuvre the mounting template on a large workpiece rather than clamping a massive workpiece to the Porter-Cable 4216. The process would allow you to join the boards more comprehensive than twelve inches by routing a section of the joint, routing the remaining part of the joint, or by sliding the template along the original cut.
  • Use can use the clamping boards for routing those boards which are so short that they cannot be clamped to the base of the jig. This would allow you to dovetail the small decorative boxes.
  • In addition to that, you can also use the clamping boards to make steeply-angled joints. You can also make joints by using the router table. All of you have to do is invert the mounting template.

What we liked about Porter Cable 4216

The Porter-Cable is well-liked by the majority of the people. It is easy to set-up. It comes with a detailed guide which can be referred to when the user is working with the product or during the time of setting it up. It can also be used right after it has been set-up. Users would be able to work with it for long periods as it can cater to heavy-duty work due to its supreme built.

In addition to that, it is fast to use. Users do not have to spend a tremendous amount of time behind the measurements. It can easily adjust the wood and hold it fast. Users can achieve quality cuts. They do not have to toss vast quantities of pricy wood into the dustbin because the machine slipped.

What we did not like about Porter Cable 4216

In case you are not a regular user of this tool, you might find it a bit difficult to work with the product. It comes with various intricate pieces along with cutting complex joints and a router which can be quite intimidating for the beginners. However, it is expensive. Hence, if you are in a budget or you do not have to use the machine frequently, then there is no point of buying this.

Important safety instructions to follow while using the Porter Cable 4212 or 4216

The first thing that the users need to understand that these tools are designed for specific applications. They should not modify the device or use it for any purpose other than the one for which they are intended. As these tools cater to serious heavy-duty work, there are a few safety tips that you should comply with when you are using them.

  • You should keep the work area clean. If the work area is cluttered and has benches, then there are high chances of the user getting injured.
  • You should not expose these power tools to extreme weather conditions like the scorching sun or heavy rain. It is strictly prohibited to use the power tools in wet or damp locations.
  • The work station should be well lit. The users should also avoid any corrosive or chemical environment. They should also not use it in the presence of combustible gases or liquids.
  • The user should guard themselves against electric shock. They should prevent body contact with any grounded surfaces like refrigerator enclosures, ranges, radiators, pies, and more. In addition to that, they should also not allow children or any other visitors to come near the extension cord or the tool. Apart from the user, nobody should come in contact with the machine.
  • When the machine is not in use, the user should keep all the tools away and store them in a locked-up, high, and dry places which would be away from the other members of the family.
  • In case you think that a particular tool is not working, then you should not force it. Not only it would produce dissatisfactory results, but it might also cause harm to the operator.
  • Appropriate clothing of the user while operating the machine is highly essential. The user should not wear jewelry as jewelry, drawstrings, and loose clothes can get caught in the moving parts. Non-skid footwear and rubber gloves are recommended while working outdoors. In case you have long hair, you should also wear protective hair covering. Furthermore, to protect your eyes and face, wear safety goggles or glasses.

By following these simple yet effective steps, you would be able to eliminate the risk of any unwanted accident or injury that might lead to serious health issues.

There can hardly be any question regarding which Porter-Cable is better. Both the Porter-Cable 4212 and the Porter-Cable 4216 is precisely the same tool. The Porter-Cable 4216 is a bit more expensive than the Porter-Cable 4212, but it also comes with a new template that makes up for the extra money that the buyer is spending. The new template would allow them to achieve additional cuts. That is the only difference that one can contemplate upon when they are comparing between the two products. In case you do not frequently build drawers or cabinetry or you are new to this field, you might not want to invest in the Porter-Cable 4216 until you learn the basic and set your hand. However, if you are a seriously invested in this field, then you should go for the Porter-Cable 4216 as it would help you to get better output. Otherwise, there is no difference between these two products.

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