Kreg K4 Vs K5: Which Is The Best Pocket Hole System?

kreg k4 vs k5

In this post, we are going to compare the two popular models from the Kreg Jig line of pocket hole drills, pitching the K4 vs the K5. We will take a look at how they compare to each other, and take a look at each of them separately as well, to understand if the newer K5 is actually a worth upgrade on the K4 or not.

Woodworking demands a great number of tools in order to get all the tasks done in time and to ensure the end result that you are working on will look professional. When it comes to buying the tools that are needed for your projects, a difficult time can sometimes lay ahead, because there are just so many tools available – and you need to choose the one that will best suit the type of projects that you will be working on.

Even though the Kreg brand brought woodworkers the original Jig, other brands have also started to produce similar products. When you decide to go with the original option from the Kreg brand, you still need to decide which one of the various models they have to offer you will be opting for.

Two of the most popular options that woodworkers tend to choose when they are looking to buy an original, and authentic Kreg Jig setup for their woodworking station include the Kreg Jig K4 and, of course, the upgraded version, the Kreg Jig K5.

Kreg Jig K4 vs K5: Main Difference Between Them

Let’s start out by taking a look at how the Kreg K4 and the Kreg K5 compare to each other when we consider the features that each of the products has.

It is important to understand that both of these products come from the same product line, both manufactured by the Kreg brand. The entire Kreg Jig K range offers customers a convenient way to drill pocket holes that form exceptionally strong joints, which is an essential part of constructing quality wooden objects, be it furniture, floating shelves, or anything else.

One of the major advantages that the Kreg K5 has over the K4 model is the fact that it is an upgraded version. The K5 offers all of the features that customers have come to expect from the previous jigs that formed part of the K product line, but with some added features that improve the overall convenience and usefulness of this pocket hole drill.

Still, a lot of people might want to consider the K4 instead due to a more portable overall design and, of course, a slightly lower price.

Size & Portability

When it comes to the size and portability of these products, both have their own pros that need to be taken into account. The K4 and the K5 has a somewhat similar design to each other. If you have used the K4 in the past and decided to upgrade to the K5, then it will immediately feel familiar to you.

One thing that you will notice is the K5 is larger than the K4, due to the added compartments that the product features. With this in mind, it might be somewhat of an inconvenience for a person who is looking to buy a more compact option.

At the same time, even though the Kreg K5 is larger than the other model, it should be noted that it was built with portability in mind. If you are working on a project that requires a more mobile solution in terms of the drill guide, then you will be happy to know that the Kreg K5 offers a removable drill guide that you can use in cases where you might need precision in locations where the entire Jig will not fit. When removed, the K5’s drill guide is slightly smaller than the removable drill guide that comes included with the K4 model.

Clamping Features

Clamping is an essential part of various woodworking projects that you may need while you are trying to drill appropriate pocket holes in order to create stronger joints for the project that you are busy with. Both the K4 and the K5 models from the Kreg brand does feature fast clamping functionality in order to make the process more convenient.

Kreg K4 vs k5Even though both of these products do offer this fast clamping feature, it should be noted that only the K5 model offers a built-in clamping system. What’s more, you do not need to utilize any additional tools in order to adjust the clamping mechanism. The system was designed to make using the clamping mechanism effortless and easy, and to ensure you can do it even when you have your hands full.

Work Piece Support

When it comes to buying a jig system for your woodworking station, it is crucial that you consider the size of the workpieces or the wood that you will be using. The bigger the workpieces, the harder it may be to drill pocket holes adequately.

Comparing the K4 and the K5 model, if you are looking to work with larger pieces of wood in your projects, then the Kreg K5 will be the ideal solution for you. The K4 does not offer support for larger workpieces, while the K5 system has been designed in such a way that you can adjust the tool according to the requirements of your project.


Of course, we should not forget to compare the price of these products while we are looking at how they defer. Price is an important factor to take into consideration when it comes to stocking up on essential tools that you will be using when you work on projects in your woodworking station.

As can be expected, the K4 is the more affordable option from the two, since the Kreg K5 is really an upgraded version of the K4 and the entire line of the Jigs from the Kreg brand.

The Kreg K4 can usually be picked up for just under $100. The Kreg K5 is only slightly more expensive, with an average price of around $125.

Kreg Jig K4 Overview

Kreg K4 vs K5The Kreg K4 is an older Jig model from the Kreg brand that is very popular amongst people who do their own woodworking projects at home. This is a versatile tool that allows you to drill pocket holes with high precision and comes with numerous features that make the operation of the tool more convenient.

The Kreg K4 was designed for small to large scale projects but has an emphasis on supporting smaller operations. Multiple settings are available for the thickness of the material that needs to be drilled, and the product features a fast clamping system. This is an ideal solution not only for woodworking projects but also for doing small repairs around the house.

The Kreg K4 can also be upgraded to either a Micro Kreg or an HD Kreg with the appropriate attachments installed in the tool.

This particular tool comes with a drill guide that can easily be removed when portability is a crucial factor in a project that you are working on. The drill guides feature hardened-steel materials and come with a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, the product also features relief holes for wood-chips, which helps to reduce the buildup of wood chips and makes drilling easier and faster at the end of the day.

The 3-hole drill guide also makes it easier to use the Kreg K4 for everyday projects, as three pocket holes can easily be drilled in a short period of time. Furthermore, the toggle-clamp of the product is very sturdy compared to competitor products on the market, which essentially makes the product ideal for those times when precision is a key factor in the project you are working on.

Kreg Jig K5 Overview

Kreg K5 vs k4The Kreg K5 is similar in many ways to the K4 – it is, after all, an upgraded version of the K4 model. Yet, this particular option comes with a more advanced set of features that makes the Kreg K5 an even more ideal option for a variety of your woodworking projects.

The Kreg K5 comes with a front-mounted handle, along with a built-in clamping system, which means there is no need to buy additional tools in order to ensure clamping is possible while the tool is used for drilling pocket holes. Another benefit in terms of the clamping system would definitely be the fact that the Kreg K5 comes with a ratcheting clamp system that can be easily adjusted without the need for additional tools – this is a feature offered by very few of these tools, and is definitely a handy feature to have.

One particular factor that is also exceptionally convenient in terms of the Kreg K5, especially when comparing this one to the K4 and even other options on the market, is the addition of a storage wing. The storage wing is used to store a variety of items, including accessories that are used with the Kreg K5 during your woodworking projects. This helps you keep small bits and pieces handy and avoids you having to look for an essential part of a project while you are in the process of drilling the pocket holes.

Final Verdict: Which Tool Is Better Pocket Hole System For Your Next Project?

Both the Kreg K4 and K5 offers quality and convenience in a single product, but when the two are compared closely, the K5 is the more advanced option that would give you better performance and make your life easier in terms of pocket holes. The Keg K5 is a significant upgrade over the previous models by the brand and brings a number of options that will make things easier for you while drilling pocket holes and storing essential small items that are required during your woodworking project.

On the other hand, if you are looking to save some money or you are seeking out a small jig setup, then the K4 might be a better option for you. It should, however, be noted that the price difference between the two is less than $25 and the features offered by the K5 is definitely superior to those that you will be given access to in the case where you opt for the K4.

Generally, you would have to take a close look at both of these tools and compare their features, portability, and functionality, in order to determine which one will really be the best option for your woodworking station and for the projects that you are taking on. If you find that the features of the K4 are sufficient for your projects, then, by all means, opt for this one and save that extra $25.

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