Best in Class Cordless Impact Drivers Reviewed

Best Cordless Impact Driver

Cordless impact drivers are fast gaining over the cordless drills, which have been the most popular power tool in the world today. If you are very new to this, it is key for us to get started right from the basics, all the way up.

Cordless drill and drivers help in drilling holes and driving screws through surfaces. However, as technology grows, the incumbency of the impact drivers means that there is an added function to the cordless drills and drivers.

This compilation is a detailed review of the best impact drivers on Amazon. The aim of this detailed review is to help you find the best cordless impact driver that suits your needs in current or future building projects. Impact drivers are a time- and- energy- saving- solution while handling construction projects and finding the right one is important, as you will be using it for a long while.

1) DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless 0.25″ 3-Speed Impact Driver


The Dewalt Brushless motor spots a compact and lightweight design for working efficiently even in tight spaces. With a variable trigger for the speed, the tool boasts a no-load speed of 0 to 1000, 2800, and 3250 rpms depending on the speed level.

Being one of the best 20v impact drivers available in the market today, the Dewalt is optimized for versatility at work. It comes with 3 speeds that offer you a variable of options that you can utilize.

Speed 1 which is also referred to as The Precision Drive offers you enhanced control while using the DCF887B for light applications. Great for driving screws, the DCF887B hesitates as the head of the screw reaches the surface of fastening. It will then start a slow impact, which ensures that the screw head is perfectly in flush with the work-piece.

Speed 1: The Precision Drive

RPM: 0-1000 RPMs

Foot-lbs torque: 20

Speed 2 which is the Normal Impacting mode is perfect for tightening bolts

Speed 2: Normal-Impacting Mode

RPM: 0-2800 RPMs

Foot-lbs torque: 125

Speed 3 is the ultimate mode known as the High Speed Impacting Mode.

Speed 3: High Speed Impacting Mode

RPM: 0-3200 RPMs

Foot-lbs torque: 152

The DCF887B impact driver features a sturdy maximum torque of 152-foot lbs. Speed 1 offers 20-foot lbs torque, speed 2 offers 125-foot lbs torque, and speed 3 offers the maximum 12-foot lbs toque. The maximum torque is quite high and will require a strong grip. This will help in to avoid twisting your wrist.

Any time the trigger is pressed; this tool has 3 LED lights which go on. These LED lights will stay on for 20 more seconds after the trigger is released. This is a great safety feature to help you know when the tool is on operation.

Batteries for the DCF887B vary in capacity. However, they have a built-in fuel gauge to help you know how long the tool will last before a recharge.

Carrying this tool while working is easy. It has a belt hook to help you carry it around, and the quick release chuck helps you to alternate between different uses fast enough.

The DCF887B has a confidence guarantee with the warranty options that Dewalt offers. You have a 90-day money back guarantee, a 1-year free service contract, and a 3-year limited warranty, all which speaks of the confidence that the company has in this tool.

Things we liked about this Product

  • This DCF887B impact driver offers a powerful 20v brushless design. This tool offers more power than the previous 18v tool.
  • The precision speed is quite an advantage for use when driving screws. The precision speed eliminates the need for pilot holes or having to strip the screw heads.
  • The DCF887B is cordless which makes it suitable for use outdoors. The batteries are as good as plugging to a power source, and the tool is light in weight.

Things we did not like about this Product

  • The rechargeable batteries and the charger are ordered separately as they do not come with this unit. The impact drill bits also come separately.
  • The batteries, unlike other power tools have a short life span. Offering a 2.0ah battery means that they will not stay for long before calling out for a recharge.
  • While the power distribution for speed 1 and speed 3 important, the output for speed 2 is quite redundant and you will barely use it. A better distribution would have made it possible to utilise this speed.


The Dewalt DCF887B is currently selling for above $100 on Amazon, which is a great bargain for the power and effectiveness of this tool. While there may be other similar tools at a higher price, or even a lower one, this tool offers so much functionality for so less a price. The speed levels especially make this a versatile tool for use at home and in doing some heavy-duty work.

2) Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 1/4 Inch Hex Shank 12 Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Impact Driver 

Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 review

With an incredible 2.3 pounds weight and measuring 8x5x16 inches, Milwaukee’s 2462-20 impact driver is an easy and safe-to-use portable impact driver that will help you screw in just right. An inbuilt belt holder adds to the effectiveness of its usability. A bright LED flashlight right above the trigger and an LED fuel gauge on the side makes the 2462-20 one of the best 12v variations in the market today.

So much for its power and force, the Milwaukee has a brushed motor that serves 82-foot lbs torque with a maximum 2500RPMs. So much power for a 12 volts impact tool.

Milwaukee 2462-20 comes with a RedLithium battery, which offers more power and an extra 80% run time. This battery has the capacity to handle more recharges than other Lithium ion batteries. It will also last long before you get a replacement for it.

According to the manufacturer, the 2462-20 M12 has an incorporated “Redlink Intelligence.” The technology features a communication channel with the Redlithium batteries for powering. This technology adjusts the power usage according to the load resistance that the driver is countering. This prevents the motor from heating up or drawing excessive power and allows for an extended battery life. The 2462- 20M is compatible with batteries of the Milwaukee M12 tools.

Installing the Bits: To install or remove bits from the impact drive, simply use your index finger and thumb to pull the bit holder. Use your other hand to insert or remove the bit and then release the bit receptacle to allow it lock onto the bit.

Difference between 2462-20 and 2453-20: Although the two models are both ¼” M12 Hex Impact Drivers, the 2453 model is a brushless fuel tool. The 2462 comes with brushes.

Is this package complete? No, this comes singly as a drill. You will need to purchase its charger and a battery.

How many speed levels does it have? The 24620- 20 M12 model comes with a 2-mode gear, which is forward and reverse. There are no other speed and torque settings to require more speed levels.

Can this tool work on automobiles? No. this tool is not heavy enough and is not intended for heavy-duty work such as on automotive works.

Speed Variation: With the Redlink Intelligence that this tool has, speed variation is dependent on the pressure that you apply on the trigger. This makes it a more efficient tool to work with.

Things we liked about this Product

  • The 2462-20 has an ergonomic grip which you will appreciate handling for a while.
  • The belt clip is a great advantage in carrying this tool around, which is a great plus.
  • Unlike other power impact drivers, this one has 0-3,300 IPM and a no-loadspeed of 0-2,500RPM.

Things we did not like about this Product

  • It comes as a bare tool. The package leaves out the battery and charger.
  • The tool can only be used for light construction work.


Not only is the Milwaukee a superior grade impact driver in the market. It is also a best seller on Amazon at below $50. At a super low incredible price, the Milwaukee is a must-have for everyone that is out looking for a compact, efficient and cost-friendly impact driver in the market. 


3) Ryobi One+ P236 18V 1/4 Inch 3,200 RPM 1,600 Inch Pounds Lithium Ion Cordless Impact Driver Review

Ryobi One+ P236 Cordless Impact DriverThe Ryobi One+ P236 18V is a combination of innovation and power. This impact driver has a variable speed trigger which helps in the start-up of the screw. This feature enhances the impact mechanism to drive even long deck or large lag screws with ease. Built to create massive 1600-inch lbs of torque, expect a 33% increment in speed and power than other previous models.

With the Tri-Beam LED lights incorporated to light up dark work areas and eliminate shadows, the Ryobi One+ stands out from other rival impact drivers in its class as one of the best ¼ inch cordless impact driver available in the market.

The auto-load chuck allows you to fit the bit fast and with a single hand conveniently. A magnetic holder increases your efficiency as it helps to keep your screws and bits in easy reach.

Handling and grip is enhanced with an overmold that offers comfort and grip in the hand, allowing you to work efficiently and for longer. An additional perk to the Ryobi One+ is that you can use any 18v One+ battery thus making it a cost effective and versatile option for users.

Difference between this and the Ryobi P238? The P238 delivers lesser torque and is more expensive than the Ryobi One+ P236 which comes with a massive 1600 inch lbs and a maximum 3,200 RPMs.

Is this model compatible with other 18V ONE+ tools? Yes, the model is compatible with other 18v batteries on ONE+ tools.

Are there variable speeds? By variable speeds, speed is regulated manually with the amount of pressure applied on the trigger. Unlike the p237 model, which has actual settings for the variable speeds, you can only control it manually for the model P236.

Does the bit lock into the chuck? Yes. The bit locks onto the chuck, but unlike in other impact drivers, you have to have a hex shank. Without a hex shank, normal bits do not fit.

Things we liked about this Product

  • A smooth trigger and fast stopping which is great for attaining precision while driving in screws.
  • This impact driver is energy efficient and can last for a full workday without requiring a recharge.
  • The magnetic holder makes work super easy especially when screwing overhead. With the Ryobi One+ P236, you do not have to hold the screw in place as the magnetic holder will help you out.

Things we did not like about this Product

  • The tri-beam does not turn on until the user pushes down at the trigger. This is redundant as there is no need for a LED light to aid in increasing precision of the impact driver.


Being a power packed product, the Ryobi one+ P236 is perhaps the best cordless impact deriver you may want to have in your home. For all that is worth having this tool in your home, check out the cheap offer on Amazon.

4) Bosch PS41-2A 12V Max 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver

Bosch PS41 Cordless Impact Driver

It is powerful, compact and light in weight. It is convenient and long lasting- a leading icon in the class of modern impact drivers.

Mastered for working even in tight working spaces and small corners, Bosch PS41-2A boasts of the shortest head length amongst all impact drivers at 5.4 inches.

A lightweight powerhouse, the PS41-2A adds minimal workload to the user, making it a handy tool to bear working with all day. The lightweight aspect also makes working overhead a walk in the park for its users. The 12-volt power system on this tool makes it a powerful lightweight impact driver meant for fastening operations that are professional grade.

Expect incredible 930-inch lbs of torque from this small impact driver. The tool also provides a 0-3 no-load BPM and a maximum of 2,600 RPMs.

An inbuilt fuel gauge is present to help you manage your battery well enough. With this, you can continue working with your power tool for a longer period.

Enjoy the convenience of receiving a complete package of the power tool kit, which comes with 2 batteries of Lithium ion, a BC330 charger, 2 screw bits, and an LED light ring to light up dark work spaces. The 2 batteries add an extra 50% run time than what previous versions of this power tool provides.

 Can this tool tighten or loosen bolts? No. this tool is meant for lightweight and medium usage in setting screws and small diameter bolts. Big bolts can be handled well enough with the ½-inch chuck.

How heavy is this tool? Together with the battery, the Bosch PS41-2A has a total wight of 1.8 lbs.

Difference between the PS41-2A and the PS21-2A: The PS21-2A is as an old time screw driver while the P41-2A is an impact tool that does all that the PS21-2A does with an additional impact to fitting and removing screws.

Compatibility with other Bosch 413 battery: Yes, the tool is compatible with all other Bosch 10.8-12volt Lithium ion batteries.

Things we liked about this Product

  • This tool has a lot of power to offer for varied usage at home or in your workshops. From its 12-volts lithium ion battery comes a maximum IPM f 3, 100 at 2600 RPM which is more than anyone could ask for with such a small tool.
  • The LED ring lighting is on another level. Three LED lights strategically placed around the bit light up the entire work area making this tool to stand out from among other tools.
  • Bosch boasts of 25 confirmed drops from a height of 12 foot. This was a resilience test and all through, the tool was able to survive the fall.

Things we did not like about this Product

  • The battery does not last as long as it should. The battery can run for a full one hour after which there will be need for charging, which is quite a short battery life. However, Bosch solves this problem by providing an extra battery so that you can charge one while the other is used up in work.
  • Although the handle is ergonomic for handling purposes, it is bulky which is meant to create pace for the battery.


With the critical review having a 3 star rating, this tool might be the only one that you can confidently buy with a guarantee of satisfaction. For just above $100 on Amazon, you will have a complete package of this impact driver, which includes two Lithium ion batteries, a battery charger, and a case. Expect no disappointments from the Bosch PS21-2A.

5) PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB Cordless Impact Driver

The Porter- cable PCCK647LB is another mark of excellence by the Porter-Cable company that has produced power tools for the last 100 years. This tool, which is a cordless impact driver, has a lot to offer.

With an extra 50% run time to offer than its predecessor, this tool comes off as one of the best brushless cordless impact drivers available in the market today.

Its powerful motor generates a staggering 1400-inch lbs of torque to deal with the most stubborn of screws and fastening tasks. With a 2,700 RPMs supply of speed, you can bet on this tool to do more than what you expect in a day. The torque is self-adjusting which means that power supply relates to how heavy the lifting is for the bits. While this saves on energy, it also means that you will be holding on to your impact driver for longer.

The brushless motor does not only contribute to its enhanced power, but also the boost in longevity and functionality of this tool. Efficiency and convenience increases with the LED light that enables you to work virtually everywhere, including in dark spaces with poor lighting. The light turns on before you get on drilling- an advantage that conspicuously misses out on other impact drivers.

The perfect ergonomic design, which is 14% shorter than its predecessor, is a promise of increased efficiency in use on tight spaces. The chuck has also been thought out well enough to allow you make quick one-hand bit changes while still on the job.

No need for extra product purchases. This impact driver comes with a 20 volts Max Lithium Ion battery, a battery charger and one bit for screw driving. Even better is the compatibility of this tool with all other Porter-cable 20v max batteries. The battery is comfortable at offering twice the work-life of other impact drivers due to its capacity and short charging cycle.

Speed Variation: Speed variation is only achievable through the trigger.

Is it bought with two batteries and a charger? Yes, the package includes 2 batteries and a charger.

Things we liked about this Product

  • The speed variation controlled by the trigger is easily usable for many people. You will enjoy the transition from a normal screwdriver to an impact driver as you learn to control the pressure you exert on the trigger.
  • The tool can work in both corded and non- corded fashion, which offers you an option that equates to versatility.

Things we did not like about this Product

  • The too has less to offer and the power delivery could have been better for some more delivery on the medium duty tasks.


So much for so less, the Porter-Cable PCCK647LB 20V is a great sell on Amazon. Being a great bargain, the package, includes a power tool, pairs of Lithium ion batteries, and a charger. The spare parts are cheap and easily available on multiple power tool shops, which adds to the confidence of using it for your home needs.

Cordless Impact Driver Buying Guide

An impact driver is similar in style to the cordless drivers and drills. However, it has a noticeable distinction. Rather than having a keyless chuck, the impact driver spots a collet that can accommodate round and hex-shank screw driving and drill bits, hole saws and other accessories.

The impact driver has two types of forces.

  1. The rotational force of the bit
  2. The concussive blow which power- drives screws through dense and thick surfaces

This combination of rotational and concussive force provides an increased torque, which is two or three more times than the force that an average driver/ drill can provide.

The Impact driver-buying guide concentrates on finding the best cordless impact driver by concentrating on the functionality, convenience, power, battery life, and other additional features.

1. RPM

Impact drivers have high RPMs, which means that there is more force to the bit and thus the work is done much faster and smoothly.

2. Torque

Torque means that the tool’s effectiveness is enhanced, while reducing the work that the user does to ensure that the screw is driven in. Some impact drivers have speed settings, which help in managing the torque and thus help in relating the power output to the result.

3. Ergonomics

Ergonomics go a long way into determining how convenient a tool is for use in your hands. Ergonomics help in making an impact driver lighter, more comfortable for use, and compact. The more enhanced these features are, the easier it is for you to use the impact driver.

4. Extra Features

Right angle attachments are an important feature in impact drivers today. These attachments are crucial in enhancing usage of your impact tool on tiring angles. They increase flexibility when reaching difficult angles or tough corners.

5. Brushless Motors

Older drills and drivers used carbon to send current to the inner magnet. Now, the brushless impact drivers use an outer electromagnet, which decreases electromagnetic loss thus increasing the efficiency and workload of the motor.

6. Adjustable Clutch

A cordless impact drive may have an adjustable or electronic clutch which gives you control over the amount of torque reaching the fastener. A clutch increases your finesse at work while also preventing overload to your motor, which would result to a low product lifetime.

7. Keyless chucks

These are important as they reduce the amount of time you spend in alternating or removing bits.

8. Indicators and LED lights

LED lights and indicators are a great bonus to the cordless impact driver you are looking to buy. Indicators will help you determine the battery charge left. This will help you in managing your impact driver better. LED lighting will help you in fixing screws even in places where there is poor lighting, which is a great user-ability advantage.

9. Battery Life

Go for impact drivers with Lithium ion batteries. They hold charge for longer, they last longer, and they charge much faster. They also weigh less and deliver a lot more power than other batteries.

10. Size

Size matters for cordless impact drivers. The smaller the impact driver the better it is to carry and work in small spaces.

11. Versatility

A cordless impact driver can have other uses apart from driving screws and drilling wood. Go for the impact drivers, which have multiple usage.

When Should You Buy a Cordless Impact driver?

If your next project will involve driving in many screws that may be large or long, then an impact driver will be the best solution that you may have. Whether you are building a deck, or screwing down some plywood on the sub floors, then your power tool should be the impact driver.

Knowing the best cordless impact driver is important while making a buying decision. However, due to the many choices that there are in the market, there are some features that you must focus on to find the best cordless impact drivers. Torque, IPM, RPM, ergonomics and weight, and speed variations should be the main center of focus.

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