Top 10 Best Woodcarving Tools

woodcarving tools

If you are a beginner woodworker or just looking to perfect your art, look no further than our guide. We’ve got the best wood carving tools lined up for your perusal.

You might find a new favorite-come take a look at our top-rated tools that will help you blow the competition out of the water.

1. Foredom K Woodcarving Kit


Here is the woodcarving kit that will certainly have people turning heads when they see your finished projects. You get a more powerful motor than previous models, and the toolkits have everything you need to get started.

The all new motor features ⅙ horsepower, a ball bearing, and a hang-up style motor with a speed of 18000 RPM. You can operate them in forward or reverse rotation for maximum versatility.

The collet handpiece will prove useful as it accommodates larger accessories that have a shank diameter up to ¼”. You get collets in 3/32”, ⅛”, and ¼”.

Using this machine will be rather quiet, almost the same volume as that of a dentist drill. The most noise will come from the shop vac you will likely run due to the dust it generates.

This works well for inlay work especially.

2. Marukatsu 5 Piece Japanese Chisel Set


This five-piece chisel set comes pre-sharpened right at the factory. It is hand-forged from a combination of Yaskuki Shirogami (Japanese White Steel) and soft iron.

The hollowed back will reduce the amount of friction you experience with the piece of wood you’re carving.The cutting blade is tempered to HRC63+, and this ensures that you have an edge that won’t die quickly.

The handle is a pleasure to hold, being made of Japanese red oak. The quality of your work will show when you use these well-crafted tools.

3. Yataro Japanese Chisel Set


Much like the chisels of the previous set, these authentic Japanese tools offer uncompromised quality at a slightly lower price.

This does not mean you don’t get the same amazing features as the last chisel set. The handles are still made of the lovely red oak and will be a delight to hold as you do your work.

You get blade widths of ¼ “, ½”, 1 “, and 1.5”. The handles are made with a heavy-duty steel ring, making them very well balanced. Customer reviews favor these chisels-this set ranks in at a five-star rating.

You may wish to invest in a quality tool box for these chisels-a nice tool set certainly deserves a great storage method.

4. 10 Piece Woodcarving Block Set


In this set, you get five palm-handles carving tools that have been designed for the beginner woodworker. You will get great quality at a good price.

They fit neatly into the palm of your hand, measuring about 4.5 inches long overall. This gives you the most precise of cuts and the best control you can imagine.

You get the following in the set: a 5/16” bent #8, bent V 9/63” straight gouge, a 3’8” bent chisel and a ⅜” skew.You also get a 209 Lino block, ⅛” straight V, a 1\8” straight gouge, and a 3/16” #5 straight fishtail, among others.

The steel is of the utmost quality and they will keep a sharp edge for a very long time. Everything is made in the United States, so you can be sure you will get a product you can use without fear of it breaking.

Favorable customer reviews make this one a tool you can rely on.

5. Mophorn Electric Chisel


Here is an electric chisel that’s going to get the job done right the first time. This electric chisel features 220 volts of power and has a speed of 25000 RPMs.

Carving blades and the cutting knife come in a variety of sizes, including 6 inches and 1.77 inches, respectively.

The high efficiency nature of this electric chisel means that time and operator fatigue is saved. This will require only ⅓ of the strength that you need if you were hand-carving your project.

Inside the package, you get the following: 1 electric carving tool, 1 stainless steel shaft, and one set of woodworking chisels. You also get a pair of brushes, base fixing screws, and a hex wrench along with the instruction manual.

You also get free shipping with the product, and it will be ideal for all of the woodworking projects you’d like to do-anything from toys to figurines to sculptures.

6. Proxxon Electric Carver


This is an electric carver that you will enjoy for a variety of projects around your home and workbench. This can carve all types of wood, and you can use it to restore anything from furniture all the way up to the most precious antiques.

The motor operates in a balanced and low-noise way, so you will not have to worry about your hearing (although ear protection is always encouraged and recommended during tool use).

The quality construction will give your carver a long-life expectancy. You will also enjoy three high quality Japanese knife inserts that are made from bimetal. The carver itself is housed within a plastic storage case for easy carry and protection.

You don’t need a lot to run this knife with success-just plug it in and get to work. You will enjoy the many settings available to you for the carver, and precision work will become a breeze.

You might consider ordering a whetstone so that everything stays nice and sharp.

7. Flexcut 21 Piece Starter Set


Beginners, rejoice! This product is designed just for you.   It has free shipping and the product reviews are really worth it.

Beginners like yourself and even experts alike have been able to make some wonderful creations using this tool set. The reviews are all favorable, at 4.5 stars. You get some great knives to get you started, and a helpful DVD to follow for easy learning.

The knives are razor sharp and comfortable to hold.You will also get maintenance gear to keep everything in tip top shape-and it is all kept in a wooden storage box for elegant and safe storage.

And if you are not a beginner, you will find that the good quality of the tools makes a nice complement to the collection you’ve already built. Safety is promoted as well-a small packet of bandages is also included with the set.

Beginners may wish to purchase some protective gloves until they get comfortable with their knives.

8. TruArt Woodburning Detailer


Here is a super powerful 60-watt wood burner that is going to make sure all your top designs get onto the lumber you’re working with.

This product features nearly instant heat response and has a digital voltage control so you can keep things precise as possible. There are two small lightweight hand-pieces that you can use to make a fast change between tips without waiting for a cooldown to take place.

On that note, there are twenty different tips included with the set-so anything you need to make your design great will be already there for you.

Whether you need a fine line or some shade on the image, this comprehensive set has got you covered. One consumer, an experienced ten-year woodworker, stated that “this burner is excellent!”

This product will give you all you need to get your designs onto the wood…and look incredibly professional in doing so!

9. Schaaf Wood Carving Tools


Here is a product that is great, but best suited for experts or those who have a mentor who can help them learn.

If you are not willing or ready to sharpen your tools, it is advised you seek another product. They come factory ground and sharpened but will require some sharpening as time goes on.

These tools are serious about providing you with a good experience as you work and learn. If any of the tools do not meet your expectations, contact the company for a replacement.

Bear in mind these are Amazon’s Choice for wood carving tools, so you can be sure you are getting a top-notch product.

The metal is billed as alloy chromium vanadium steel, hardened to the Rockwell rating of C60. The handles are good to hold and will stand up to hard work-they are made of hardwood ash; the same stuff Louisville Sluggers are made of! You know it’s going to be tough stuff in that case.

To sweeten the deal, you will also get a helpful eBook emailed to you that will get you started in your woodworking journey.

10. Two Cherries Chip Carving Knives


In this great set, you get ten chip carving knives. They feature wooden handles that will be easy and pleasant to hold while you work, and they are tempered to 61 on the Rockwell scale.

One item that the set does not come with is a whetstone which will be necessary for keeping your knives good and sharp. Pick up one of those plus this great set, and you will be well on your way to woodcarving success.


In sum, there are many great tools out there to get started in woodworking or keep it exciting if you’re a veteran of the craft. Be ready to spend some good money on your tools-use the ones in our woodcarving tool guide.

By putting forth a little money now, you will save more down the road in tools you don’t have to keep on replacing. Safety should always come first-newbies should work with their mentor and wear protective gloves as they gain the feel of their knives.

Now you have your tools why not start creating, we have an easy guide that you can follow on how to make barn wood for that beautiful old style look in wood for your home today.

As with anything, the right tools and practice will make perfect. Keep at it and have fun creating!

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