Woodworking Projects That Sell In 2020

You’ve been exploring woodworking for a while and created some really impressive items around the house that has made your and your family’s lives a little easier. You even got some good comments about the items you made with your own hands from your friends. Now that you have acquainted yourself a little more with woodworking, you’ve decided to take things a step further and start commercializing your efforts. But are you sure the woodworking projects you make are gonna sell?

The good news is, there is a huge market for handcrafted wooden items, whether it is furniture or other creative objects that are placed around the house for decorative purposes. The only problem is, once you decide that you are going to start making wooden items and sell them, you’ll find that it can be quite difficult to come up with good ideas that you can make a profit from. Your creativity suddenly seems to have walked out the door.

When this happens to you, then be sure to note that the internet is full of useful ideas that you can use as inspiration to get started. A simple search and you’ll quickly discover a lot of inspiring projects that others are currently selling – look at the ones that are selling well and then try to use them to come up with your own unique projects that you can also sell to appropriate audiences.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most profitable items that you can start making right now and sell to an audience in your local region, or even at a larger scale.

1. Wooden Laptop Stand

woodworking projects that sellLet’s start with something that is very basic and simple – so how about a wooden laptop stand. This is extremely easy to make a project, and it will not cost you a lot of money to get started. You can easily squeeze in more than 10 of these a day if you have enough time on your hands. There is no need to keep things as simple as the example we showed you above. Be a little creative and come up with different ideas – maybe try out a couple of shapes or add some useful features, such as a fan that helps to keep the laptop on the stand cool from below. You can even go as far as to paint the wood in different colors; thus giving you the ability to offer different choices for the customer to choose from.

The example that we showed you above sells for $28.55 on Etsy for the basic option, but alternative varieties are also available.

2. Wooden Trash Can Holder

woodworking projects that sellIf you’re looking for a larger object to make that can give you a little more profit, then consider building up a few wooden trash can holders. With this one, you can also really get creative – you could even add a built-in trash can, also made from wood, that takes appropriate trash bags. That way, the customer won’t have to remove an entire trash can every time they wish to take out the trash, but rather just remove the bag and add a new one. You could also experiment with options like adding a small drawer at the top to store a few items, such as the trash bags that are used on the inside of the trash can holder.

The trash can above is handcrafted from quality wooden material and costs $125.10 on Etsy.



3. Smart Device Center

woodworking projects that sellIf you want to get really creative, then how about a smart device center. Similar to the other ones, you can really experiment here and get creative. The one above features a wireless charger that is built into the wooden compartment. The cable is laid appropriately underneath the frame and then plugged into a power source. Once plugged in, the customer simply places a compatible phone on the wireless charger, and they will be charged up. Add additional compartments in the frame to hold an iPad or tablet, as well as smaller items, to make the product more convenient for the customer.

The organizer/center that we showed you above ranges in price from $85.50 up to $95.50, depending on the type of wood that the customer chooses.

4. Wooden Wine Rack

woodworking projects that sellMillions of people enjoy wine, so why not use this to your own advantage by creating a useful wine rack from a top-quality wooden material. You can use different types of material when it comes to making a wooden wine rack, and you can experiment with different sizes and shapes. Keep things minimal for those who truly enjoy a minimalist life, or go a step beyond for people who are looking for something a little more modern and creative.

The one above sells for $95 each and is made from Mahogany wood, and was designed to be mounted to the wall.




5. Wooden Wine Glass Holder

woodworking projects that sellTalking about wine – your customer would obviously need something to serve the wine in, which is glass. Now, think about this – when you sell them a wooden wine bottle holder, why not tell them about the wine glass holder that you make as well. This way, you’ll easily be able to line up customers for more than a single product at a time. You can create a minimalist design here as well, or create something more complex that allows you to store a larger number of wine glasses at a time.

The wine glass holder above is available in different finishes and sells for $40 a piece.


6. Key Organizer

woodworking projects that sellAnother basic object that people rely on daily would be a key organizer – and this is yet another item that you can really get creative with. Take the key organizer above, for example. It takes a very simple item, adds a creative twist, and gives you something that is truly unique. Instead of having nails or other hooks that keys are hooked on, you rather slide your keys into the openings in order to keep them on the rack and organized at all times. You can use this as inspiration to create something that is unique to your brand.

The key organizer above only sets the customer back by $30 – and it is much cheaper to make.


7. Floating Shelves

woodworking projects that sellIf you’re looking for something more creative and less basic, then how about a couple of floating shelves – but not the normal kind that is simply made from a plain wooden plank. Take the one above as an example – the creative mind behind these shelves decided to make them into a shape that resembles a honeycomb. It’s quite creative, but there are many other shapes that you can explore. You could offer them in different sizes, or create a kit that includes shelves that are automatically different in size to create a specific look on the wall where they are mounted.

The one above is priced from $119 up to $169, depending on the width of the shelves. Customers can also choose between a variety of colors.

8. Wooden Dresser

woodworking projects that sellIf you are looking for something that will allow you to make a more substantial amount of profit, then maybe consider creating and selling a few dressers. This is an area where you can really use your creativity, as there are thousands of different designs and styles out there when it comes to shopping for a dresser. The idea here would be to come up with something that is different – the more unique your dresser, the more customers will want to own one. The one above is a great option for customers who are looking for a modern and clean dresser that is minimal.

The wooden dresser we have above sells for $2,190 on the Etsy platform and is made from high-quality walnut wood.

9. Walnut Wooden Coffee Table

woodworking projects that sellHere’s another great option for you to consider if you are looking for a more expensive item that will allow you to make more money from each sale. The wooden coffee table that we showed you above uses a round shape – if you are looking to do something similar, then you will likely need to learn how to bend wood first. The “twist” in the design of this coffee table adds extra value to the product in general.

The coffee table is available on Etsy and sells for $1,840.


10. A Wooden Bed Frame

woodworking projects that sellTo finish off the list of ideas, how about something that every person relies on daily – a bed. We all like to sleep – it gives us that much-needed rest after a hard day and allows us to get through the next day. How about creating a unique bed frame that your customers will love? You have many different wooden materials to experiment with. Make sure you cater to customers with different sized beds. Perhaps even go the extra mile and add a drawer or maybe built-in side tables.

The one above sells for a minimum of $1,230.



Woodworking for profit can be an excellent way of turning a simple hobby into a profitable business that you can do from the comfort of your home. Whether you only wish to make an additional income or create a business that will now be providing for you and your family, people are always looking for creative wooden objects to place around their homes. We covered some of the best ideas that you can use to start making items in your woodworking studio that are all likely to sell really well.

If you need more ideas, be sure to take a look at the Ted’s Woodworking program, a very affordable online package that gives you access to more than 16,000 woodworking project plans.

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