DIY Smart Saw- My Review


Hey there! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages and woodworking abilities, I have a great product I would like to share with you.

In my DIY Smart Saw review, I am going to tell you my personal story and hopefully, it will get you thinking about what you want to gain from your own DIY Smart Saw purchase.

The DIY Smart Saw is going to be a product you really just can’t do without once you figure out how to build it!

First, I would like to give you a little bit of information about myself.

My name is Gary. I am 30 years old, married with one handsome little son, and I am a woodworker for fun and trade.

My primary occupation is a safety foreman at one of our local factories. At work, I am all about making sure my team is wearing the right gear and up to date on the newest safety procedures.

Once I get home, though, I am all about woodworking. I enjoy doing this relaxing and satisfying hobby. It has allowed me to expand my horizons and gives me an out in case my career ever fails me for whatever reason.

Thankfully we can enjoy this booming economy, but everybody needs to be ready.

If you are a guy like me, you enjoy making all kinds of cool things for your house. I just bought my home, so my wife, Sharon, and I are all about making it our very own. We bought it 3 months ago and have been fixing things up as we move along.

I have made an Adirondack chair for my wife, myself, and my little son. I’ve also constructed a full-size bed for my boy, too-he grew into it well when the crib got to be a little big for him.

His “big boy” bed has held up nicely over the years and he will use it until he goes to college or moves out, I reckon. I have also enjoyed making flower boxes that fit on the window for my wife, she just loves to make our house look pretty.

Our previous home was a small rental house and we are simply very excited to make this home our very own.

I’ve made these and other wonderful products over the past ten years. My dad showed me how to cut lumber when I was ten years old, and under his close supervision, I would help him mark and saw the wood.

I’ve been in love with woodworking ever since and was a pro in shop class, even helped the other students when teachers were not around.

Now that you know my background I am going to tell you all about this amazing product I had the good fortune of finding. It helped me make the goods I told you about.

The DIY Smart Saw is what all you woodworkers of all skill levels need! Read on to find out.

 So What is DIY Smart Saw?

If you are new to woodworking, chances are you are buying the wrong stuff for your projects, whether it is the wrong piece of wood or the wrong tool. This machine is going to change all that for you. This program teaches you how to make your own CNC machine.

Don’t know what a CNC machine is? OK, I will tell you.

A CNC machine is a Computer Numerical Control machine, and it is a high-precision tool that is controlled by a computer and makes accurate and repeated movements.

It does this by taking a code that is generated by a computer and converts it from software to electrical signals.

Sounds like a real winner of a machine, right? You veterans of woodwork out there probably really wish you had one, if you don’t already.

You newcomers will soon learn that this thing is EPIC when it comes to making your projects top notch!

The problem is this: CNC machines cost a bundle to buy. The low-grade ones cost a few thousand, whereas the most intricate ones for specialized work cost hundreds of thousands. It depends on how complex you want your machine to be, and how functional it needs to be.

But there is good news for all of you! You can actually build your own CNC machine right in your home, and for less than $500.

All the parts are things you can get at your local hardware stores. You won’t believe how easy it is. If I can do it, so can you!

Who Are The Creators of the DIY Smart Saw Guide?

The guy behind this great machine is a fellow by the name of Alex Grayson. He first was an engineer in the car industry, but he got into woodworking. It turned out to be lucrative for him, and he was making $10k a month like it was nothing!

He wanted to leave behind a legacy, so he invested half of his time into making and executing his own CNC machine. After less than one year of hard work, Alex’s dream came true.

He used his machine to save TONS of time (2000% to be exact) and money. He began to make and sell his own designs, earning him loads of money. He thus created a guide that shows you how you can get in on the action, building your own CNC machine.

Will It Work For The Jobs I Do?

Yes! This tool has everything you need to improve your skills in woodcarving. When you download the helpful eBook (it is only $39!) you will get everything you ever wanted to know about making top designs.

You will learn all you need to know about building and using your own precision machine-your very own computer-controlled tool. The machine itself is easy to use, and easy to build, making it a winning choice for people of all skill levels.

You will be making your own designs simply by punching in a few numbers. It’s going to be very satisfying and cool to watch your CNC machine move around and punch out the designs that you programmed in yourself.

What will you create once your machine is fired up?

What Will I Learn From My Purchase?

Once that machine is on, you are going to be making tons of wood art. Here’s what you will learn when using it!

-You will learn how to build the machine from scratch.

-You will get hold of a blueprint and use it to your advantage.

-You will also get some ideas that will boost your imagination and get those creative juices flowing!

Click here to see the full details and blueprint

Anything Else Included In The DIY Smart Saw?

Yes. This product also includes a helpful bonus, called “101 CNC Woodworking.”

There are some great projects in there you can look at for ideas. It will be hard to decide what to make first.

The Good and Bad Of The DIY Smart Saw Product

Let’s talk about a few pros and cons. This way, you get a fair and balanced look at what we are telling you about, and you can decide if it’s right for you.


– You will save a bundle of money. Remember, these CNC machines cost anywhere from $500 to tens of thousands, depending on the job, intricacy of the task, and quality of the machine.

Just skip all that and make your own great-quality tool. You will spend $150 instead of upwards of $500-and you don’t have to pay a delivery fee!

This will make your job so much easier. If woodworking is your career, this will make your work a breeze. If it’s just for fun, you will be having an even better time as you do your work. Everything will be streamlined and easy, but still look professional.

–  This is great if you’re a computer guy or girl! If you work in IT, love computers, or just like numbers and statistics, this machine is going to be fun twice over.

You get the joy of putting something good together, and also the joy of using it when it’s done. It’s a great learning experience for the kids, too.

– The videos included with the program are so easy and fun to follow. There are pictures, diagrams, and tons of information that will help you follow the steps easily. It’s so easy that everybody, regardless of their experience or skill level, can follow along and build the machine so long as they follow it closely.

Basic tools are needed-a tubular wrench, pencil, Allen tool, tape measure, hammer, depth stop and screwdriver.Alex Grayson, program creator, says he needed only $500 to make his CNC machine, but has friends who paid $160 for all their parts.[/su_list]

60 Day money Back guarantees. You heard that right! If you don’t like this for whatever reason, you can just ask for your money back and you will get a fast and fair refund.

ClickBank sponsors this product so they make sure their sellers are held to high standards regarding customer satisfaction.

So, if you are not happy, just speak up. But we think you will love it.


As with anything, we have to look at the cons.

No hard copy of this program online. Some people really just want a hard copy of their books, but this is only available as an eBook.

Might be a slight bit intimidating if you have NEVER done any woodwork before. But don’t get discouraged.

Some people might not have all the money to buy the tools needed to build the machine. It’s important to just read it over and take your time, get all the right parts and build when you are ready. $160 can be a lot of money!


If you love woodworking, computers, numbers, being creative, or just making things, this eBook is definitely for you. This product is going to save you a bundle when you get it and finally put it together.

Think of all the cool items you can make for your house. If you’re like me, you have TONS of ideas that you can’t wait to get out and make.

Even if you’re the type of guy or girl who just wants to start their own business, making and selling all kinds of wooden handcrafts, furniture or toys, this product will help you out greatly.

This guide is the real McCoy. It has numerous favorable customer reviews online and is part of the ClickBank family, where all kinds of useful products are kept.

This machine will work 20 times faster than the human hand-can you handle the speed?

The machine can even work on autopilot, this means that you can set it and walk away for a little bit while it cuts out your project ideas for you.

This product can and will work for you. You just have to be ready to put in some hard work. Have fun and be creative with whatever you make!

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