The Coolest Woodworking Projects You Should Give A Go In 2019

Coolest Woodworking Projects

Thousands of people delve into the world of woodworking. This is a fun activity that keeps you busy for a lot of time, and it gives you the ability to do something creative with your hands, and of course a few extra tools. Unfortunately, a lot of people do some training and then try to experiment with a few projects. While all is well in the beginning when you build that first table, things can quickly become boring if you are not sure what type of project you would like to take on next.

This is a problem that a lot of people who are just getting into the art of woodworking tend to face. They build a few basic projects and then they are not sure where to go from there. Unfortunately, this is a split road – while some of these people will do some research or perhaps go and visit local shops to get some inspiration that they can put into a new project, other people rather end up quitting.

We’ve decided to delve into some of the coolest woodworking projects that people have taken up in the past. We looked at hundreds of these projects to help give us an idea and to bring you 15 of the very best ones that we could find. Sure, some of these projects may be a little too advanced for you if you are only starting, but they will surely give you some inspiration and help you decide what your next woodworking project should ideally look like.

#1. Mug Holder Armrest

coolest woodworking projectsWe all love to sit down on the couch after a hard day at work and just wind down. Perhaps switch on the television and see what is showing – maybe your favorite TV show is just about to start. While sitting down, you need two things. First, you need something to drink after the hard day that is now behind you. Second, you need something to rest your arm on. So, why not make a mug holder armrest?

This is a really creative project that is relatively easy to put together, and it won’t even take up a lot of wood. You will essentially need three pieces of wood to produce this one, along with an appropriate tool that will allow you to cut into one piece and create the space where you will be able to place your mugs, bottles, glasses, or other objects while sitting down.

#2. Side-Table With Benefits

Coolest Woodworking ProjectsWe are used to having a small table next to the couch in the living room to place certain objects on – such as the television remote. Now, why not spice things up and create something unique, wonderful, and incredibly useful at the same time. Use the idea for a general side table that you’d usually find and take things one step further – by turning the side table into a multifunctional unit for your living room.

Add appropriate space to keep your laptop on, add a cup of coffee or maybe a bottle of beer, and at the sides, add some extra wooden compartments where you can keep your remotes, as well as a couple of magazines.

#3. The Two-In-One Couch

coolest woodworking projectsHow would you like to sit down on a soft couch while the kids are doing their homework, and still have the ability to keep a very close eye on them? Well, if this is something that you would enjoy, then you should definitely consider making your next woodworking project a two-in-one couch like this one.

You can really get creative with this piece of furniture – take things a step further by adding some drawers for the kids to have their stationary always handy, for example. You can also experiment with different types of wood with this project to achieve the result that is appropriate to the interior décor of your living room.

Check out the detailed plan here.

#4. Secret Cabinet

coolest woodworking projectsDo you have precious items that you would like to store safely and think that safes are too obvious? Why not consider a secret cabinet? The one we presented above is really creative – it looks like a stack of wood, perhaps like a table in the living room or kitchen, yet it has a secret function that no one would suspect – there is a drawer that can pull out.

With this project, you can really explore your own creativity. Add multiple drawers, or perhaps even a larger area to store precious items on the inside of the cabinet. You could also use a different kind of wood if you would like to make this cabinet with a modern approach to match your interior décor.

#5. Crib & Rocking Chair Combo

coolest woodworking projectsIf you are a new dad (or mom), then you know how expensive all of the accessories and furniture items can be that is needed for the newborn. So, here’s an idea – how about crafting up a convenient rocking chair that is accompanied by a crib. This is really a very creative idea that we came across.

Not only will this type of project save you money – think about the extra costs that would be involved in buying or making these two items separately – but it will also be very convenient. This way, you can sit on the rocking chair while putting your baby to sleep in the crib. You can also experiment with this project. Maybe add a drawer or two to the bottom of the crib, which can be a great way to store some baby essentials nearby.

#6. Helicopter Chair

coolest woodworking projectsWhile we are talking about woodworking projects for your children, how about creating them their very own chair – in the form of a helicopter. This helicopter chair is really creative, and you do not even need advanced woodworking skills to build it. You simply need a few pieces of wood and some extra tools that will be required during the construction process.

While this one is in the form of a helicopter, don’t limit your options to just this structure. Do a little research, and you’ll come up with quite a lot of impressive ideas for creating a chair that is ideally suited to your child – just be sure to take your child’s size and age into account when building them a chair.

#7. Helicopter Swing

coolest woodworking projectsOne more for the young ones – and continuing with the previous idea. After you have crafted that perfect helicopter chair for your child in your woodworking studio, why not take things one step further and create a helicopter swing too? This one is just as easy – just make sure you set up poles the right way so that the swing can be sturdy and hold the weight of your child. You should also use a strong type of rope to avoid a rope breaking and your child being at risk of injury.




#8. Table With Hidden Compartment

coolest woodworking projectsNext, let’s take things back a notch and look at something a little simpler – a table that you can use in the backyard. Whether you are planning to simply have a day outside with the kids at the pool or planning to have a barbeque and invite some friends over, this type of table, with built-in chairs, of course, can certainly come in handy. Plus, it adds some mystery by including a compartment that is hidden from plain sight – the top of the table can be moved to reveal a space on the inside that can be used to store things like paper plates, cups, and even some utensils that you will need during a barbeque.



#9. Under Roof Outdoor Table Set

coolest woodworking projectsSince we pointed out a very useful project in the previous one that focused on providing you with a basic overview of a table and chair set that you can make, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you an idea that takes this project a step or two further. With this one, you would still build a table and chair set, but also a roof at the top. The entire project is made into a fixed structure, with everything connected to each other. Whether it is raining outside or the sun is shining brightly, with this project in your backyard, you and your family will always be protected against the weather.



#10. At-Home Bowling

coolest woodworking projectsFancy a game of bowling? Well, with this project, you can enjoy a bowling game with the entire family without having to pay every time you wish to go out to a bowling court. This at-home bowling court is really interesting and also a very creative idea that was shared by someone who decided just to build their own set in their backyard. The best part is, you don’t even need to buy expensive types of wood to make this one – and the other accessories you need actually to play the game are readily available at many stores.

#11. Outdoor Bar Area

coolest woodworking projectsIf you enjoy having barbeques with your friends and family on frequent occasions, then you might want to consider building your own outdoor bar area. Whether you enjoy drinking beer, vodka shots, or even just a couple of sodas while having that barbeque, an outdoor bar area will definitely come in handy. The one we shared above is definitely a good starting point. Explore your options and be creative – maybe add the barbeque area inside the bar, which will certainly improve the convenience level of your project.



#12. Outdoor Shower

coolest woodworking projectsOutdoor showers are becoming very popular, so why not install one at home. It can be a great way to cool down in the summer or to get clean before you enter your house after a day at the beach. While the one shared above mainly uses bamboo, you can really get creative. Try to experiment with different types of wood, for example. If the above example is too open for you, then maybe think about adding a door or try adding a wooden roof to it.




#13. Outdoor Wood Storage Unit

coolest woodworking projectsIf you are looking for something more basic that you can get started with, then why not build a basic outdoor storage unit where you can keep your wood for those evenings when you decide to spark up the fireplace or get some friends together for a barbeque. It does not take too much time or skills to build one. You can easily save some money by making one of these yourself. Building it would hardly cost you less than $50.



#14. Basic Outdoor Bench

coolest woodworking projectsHere’s another option that is great if you are looking for something basic, especially if your budget does not allow for more complex projects. This is a really basic bench for the outdoor area that will allow you to keep your hands busy and build up some extra experience for times when you decide to take on more creative and complicated projects in the future.


#15. Woodworking Station

coolest woodworking projectsFinally, let’s not forget that even though you are working on wood, this does not mean you cannot create items that can help to streamline the next woodworking project you will be taking on. Why not spend some time creating a woodworking station for yourself? Consider the types of projects you will be working on and then create a station that will accompany all the tools you use regularly.




The woodworking projects that we looked at here are all excellent to help inspire you and give you some creative ideas for the next project that you are going to be taking on. You can choose to try and replicate one of these projects, or rather just use what you see as inspiration to create something entirely unique.

While it certainly is useful to look at these projects that others have endeavored on in the past, some people may find it difficult to create a similar project. If this is you, then you might appreciate a program that can offer you the complete plans to projects that you would like to take on. When you have the plan for the project in front of you, it makes things extremely easy and you’ll be able to reach that end result without a problem.

The Ted’s Woodworking program is one of the best resources for people who enjoy woodworking. The program comes with more than 16,000 woodworking projects – and no, you do not only get access to photos of the project but rather complete access to the plans that you will need to build them. You also gain access to a wide range of video tutorials to help you get started, and Ted always offers all of his customers free lifetime updates to his entire program. If you want, you can check our full review of the Ted’s Woodworking Program to get the full picture.

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